100th Millennium Wiki

Early FTL era (33,251 CE-33,730 CE)

Before there is a Jyial Imperium, the're was the Jyial Republic. It was created in the Bastion Globular Cluster before the Jyials are even cabable of F.T.L drives as a way to unite and to control the young colonies in ther're solar system. Not long after it was formed, Jyials has discovered the simpelest FTL drive and is now sending early probes to probe the're surounding systems, of course by the Jyial Republic. After probing out there stellar neighborhood, they have discoverd a habitble planet around a K class star and is now sending out a colony ship. More and more habitble planets are discoverd and more colony ships are being made and being send to there respetive targets, and thus begin the Expansion Era.

Expansion era (33,730 CE-34,250 CE)

The expantion era begins when the first colony ships arrived to there destiation, After doing the basic stuff, they started small outposts that slowly growned into cities and eventauly is able to create other colony ships. Meanwhile the home system is creating even more infrastruture to transfer people to nerby colonies and creating even more colony ships. They colonized the all of the Bastion Globular Cluster pretty fast (around 100 years). They have established some outposts at the main galaxy, the Asamun/Binasa galaxy. And after around 300 years they have colonized the entire Asamun/Binasa galaxy, finishing up the Expansion Era.

Stability Era (34,250 CE-41,200 CE)

The Stablity Era, as the title suggest, is a boring era. Nothing realy important happend there. There isnt much to mention in the stablity era expect the end of it where assassination of president resulted in a power vaccum that the assassinatior filled the vaccum. Now he is knowed as the first Emperor.

Jyial Imperium Era (41,200 CE-55,160 CE)

The Jyial Imperium Era begun when the Jyial Republic was renamed into the Jyial Imperium. He added a heir to "prevent corruption from the highest ranks" and caste system to "segregate the people so they can do there work more effectively" although the real reasion is to consolidate power. He and his son's are able to run this empire for long due of the Jyial's rarely questioning any authority that they followed. This resulted in a near perfect stability for the nation.