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"This world is the homeworld of the Koors species, conquered by the Aldorians long ago. Its a world with a sad story of repression, enslavement and forced expulsion. Today, however, it is a prosperous Aldorian world, profiting from its location inside Herschel Space, and acting as a center of commerce and diplomacy between Aldorians from the High Kingdom and Humans from the Lewis Nations" - Theresa Olburg, Report on foreign alien worlds.

K'stoor, known as Koris by the Aldorians, is a temperate moon of the Zelmekis System, in the Lewis Galaxy, at Herschel Space region located in Herschel Space. The moon orbits a Gas giant known as Naraxis and it's the Homeworld of the Koor species.


The moon was conquered by the Aldorians of the Aldorian High Kingdom in the early 103 344 CE, and its population was enslaved. Almost the entire population was taken away from the planet and scattered all over the Herschel territories and worlds, mostly of the Aldorian High Kingdom, but also of other enslaving nations. Very few Koor remain in K'stoor, and even fewer in liberty, hidden in the dense equatorial regions or the high peaks of the Planet, away from the main centers of population. This free population is hunted down constantly by the Aldorians in K'stoor.

Prior to conquest, the planet was divided in several feudal-like states who often fighted among themselves. They were on the early stages of development when the Aldorians, way more advanced, took over the planet and conquered them.

After conquest, the planet was renamed as Koris, and was resettled with Aldorians from the Aldorian High Kingdom. Nowadays, the Aldorians make the majority of the population in K'stoor. Other enslaved alien species were brought to K'stoor by the Aldorians.


The moon has only 3 large continents: Serakis, Yokinis and Tirpan. Serakis and Yokinis are joined up by an isthmus, near the polar areas. Due to the Aldorian's preference for colder climate, a settlement was built in this isthmus and it's nowadays the capital and largest city of the Aldorians.

The equatorial jungles of the moon have been a heaven for free Koors to hide. Since the Koors like warmer climate and the Aldorians cannot support high humidity and heat, the jungles have been a very hard environment for the Aldorians to be in, giving the Koors an advantage in the area. The high frondosity of the area has as well helped them.

  • Serakis

Its the Westernmost continent in the planet. It has large plains to the east, while a large mountain range (North to south) rich in minerals who is being exploited by the Aldorians. The mountains, most notably towards the equator, are filled with escaped slaves and other free Koor communities.

  • Yokinis

Its the large continent on one side of the northern isthmus, with a great continental climate that has allowed the vast majority of the Aldorian population to prosper.

  • Palpadar

Its the only continent in the southern hemisphere. It is large of a oval structure and extends west-east. It has large plains in the center of the continent allowing for an intense and very prosperous agricultural production. This goes back to the times of the Koors. The main city is Tirpan.


K'stoor, orbiting the Gas Giant known as Naraxis

The Moon's population is 23 Billion, being the Temerian Aldorians of the Aldorian High Kingdom the vast majority, making 63% of the planet's population. Around 24% are enslaved koor and 1% free Koors. The remaining 12% is made of other Alien enslaved species.

Koor Diaspora

The majority of the Koor species lives in slavery in other worlds (Currently the 73% of the Species is enslaved). Mostly in that of the Aldorian High Kingdom (60% of enslaved Koors) the Aldorian Shabada (20% of enslaved Koors), the Aldorian Assembly of Clans (10% of enslaved Koors) and other Nations (10% of enslaved Koors).

Escaped slaves from the Aldorian territories and beyond have resettled in many other worlds (Currently 26% of the Species lives in Freedom). Most notably in the United Alliance, the Aldorian Confederacy or the Intergalactic Federation, seeking refuge and a new beginning in freedom.

The largest Koor diaspora in freedom exist in Kreon, the capital of the U.A where they exist in large numbers. However, petitions to the United Alliance government were made by the Koors to terraform a world in the image of their lost K'stoor. That's how Neikoor was created (basically a copy of their lost K'stoor) and nowadays is a fully free Koor majority populated world, one of the few to exist in the Universe. No other species are allowed to settled in Neikoor in large numbers so to grant the Koors a place to restructure and established again their lost culture.

Fauna and Flora