100th Millennium Wiki

"El ekeen Kaan-Bul, almaiki ukuun sel eyo ol mu teen ir El'ekar, eto us saal mindal loon te erin Pa'lakan,, Lin'aka eto Al'to. Tol men o'in el Usuya irei elsel maan eyo tauta il'ekeen. (The world of Kaan-Bul, the jewel of our race blessed by the Gods, and the center of prosperity, peace and technology. The center of unity between us and the outside world.) - Member of the Assembly of Clans, Kurk Tel'Irmaal

Kaan-Bul is one of the most important worlds of the Arati Species. It is located within the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space and in the Ulaan System. It acts as a center of power. It's is strategically located within the main trade routes within the Galaxy and holds religious significance for the Arati Species. It was here that the Arati learnt about extraterrestial life. The Planet is a temperate world, with large forests and vegetation, in spite of the colder weather.


One of the first Arati colonies, it became one of the most importan worlds within the Arati territories, and a key world of the Arati in the Lewis Galaxy. Deeply embedded within the Keyun Nebulae, (the Fire Nebulae) it connects the Intergalactic Federation with the United Alliance. It was colonized by the Maternal Clans of the Arati, who were pioneers in this world thanks to the improvements of technology. Some say that here, several artifacts of an unknown civilization were found, but this had never been public by the Arati and many disregard this as just rumours.

It was colonized somewhere between the 24 370 CE and 25 910 CE. This records have been lost to humanity and the planet's colonization was never carefully plan by the Arati. Several waves of colonies made the world their own so a clear date of colonization could not be stablished. Regardless, it is definitely one of the first colonies of the Arati outside Aran and the first colony to be founded with advance xeno-life and atmosphere suited to Arati biology (other worlds had been discovered but were tropical or oceanic and less suited to Arati life or had atmospheres that were not fit for them). Due to this it had increasing importance as being "a gift from the Gods" in the eyes of the Arati.

The Arati adapted well to the Planet and soon cities started to devellop. The main city of As-Rudaan was founded and is today the largest and most economically prosperous city in the planet.


The Planet was suited mining and agriculture. Both of this industries really took hold and alleviated overpopulation in Aran. Soon from here, it was the first contact point with humanity. At first, the Arati remained cautious but relations kept improving an commerce began. It was here that the first outpost for commercial purposes was deployed. It had immense success and this provoked a massive boom in the economy of the world. It's strategic position transformed the world into a financial and commercial world.

Ever since, people from this world are known as merchants and very good at commerce and finance. They have been holding monopoly of commercial activities (mostly foreign trade for millennia) as they control the external trade routes that lead the Arati territories outside to other corners of the Galaxy.