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The Kachiro Trade Post (oftentimes shortened to just Kachiro) is an average-sized trading station situated in interstellar space within the vicinity of the Pyralia System of the Palioxis Starfield. The station currently belongs to the Varaxian Federation, though it was originally constructed by Neo Avaxia many thousands of years ago. The station provides many services to starship pilots. These include repairing, refueling, shipyards, and more.

Kachiro is 250 kilometers in diameter, while appearing smaller than it ought to be. The station's structures are quite massive, reaching heights of almost a hundred kilometers. Supersonic lifts have been established in all of these buildings to address the issue of speed for moving between all of these floors. A few species of flora from Theras have been genetically engineered to stand out among the buildings to make the station look nicer from orbit. These flora species reach a maximum height of ten kilometers and are supported by massive steel and titanium pillars.

A fairly dense part of the Kanter Undercity

The rich dwell in Kachiro's inner domed city, Kashin, and the poorer people reside in the outside Neo city, which is exposed to vacuum and has life-support systems solely in the structures. A small number of acts of mass protests and rebellions have erupted as a result of the people's division, but they've been suppressed. In reality, these cities only account for a small fraction of Kachiro's population, as the majority of the station's residents live in fully a integrated metropolis inside the station, known as the Kanter Underworld.

Kachiro has a number of specialized sectors dedicated to the conservation of wildlife. In addition, vegetation from Theras flourishes in these areas, as well as in Kashin's domed metropolis. The lush and vibrant environment of Kachiro is home to several herbivorous fauna species native to Theras.


As Kachiro is a trading station, it has a population of twenty million. This station was originally populated solely by traders and miners in the nearby systems, however the station soon started to serve as a wealthy trade and population center.

Most of its inhabitants are Humans, though multiple alien species have made their home in this station. The Veen, who make up 20% of the population, the Khizen, who make up 5% of the population, the Vartia, who make up 1% of the population, and numerous species that only make a little presence are among others. All species that live on Kachiro must breathe oxygen, and those that breathe other gases must wear breathing masks.

Areas of Interest

Kachiro contains numerous areas of interest. Many of these might be culturally prominent, while others are known for their pure majesty. These include statues, parks, building and more.

The majestic City of Overgrowth

A tiny demolished city lies in the southern part of Kashin city, completely overgrown with a vast amount of flora. The City of Overgrowth, as its titled, was not abandoned. It was instead designed as a tourist attraction. This city is built in an archaic style that may be found on many worlds inhabited by planetary-level species, as well as on some more sophisticated worlds.

A dense part of Eve

Eve, a park in the heart of Kashin city, is home to a variety of Theras' fauna, all of which roam freely around the peaceful environment. To safeguard the tourists, all of these species inhabiting Eve are herbivorous and friendly.