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The Kal Federaion is a nation spanning over a large portion of Via Lacrimosa. In the past, it was an associate state of the Confederacy of Borealis but has since mostly cut ties in favor of a more distant relationship with its neighbors. It is made up almost entirely of the Vlanoan species. To this day, the Kal Federation is one of the comparatively few nations to form in the Via Lacrimosa galaxy out of a natively evolved species.

The origin of the nation can be traced back to the first Vlanoan Coalitions dating back to the thirtieth millennium CE. These coalitions were always loose governments only vaguely uniting only small portions of the Vlanoans at the time. As time passed, Via Lacrimosa began becoming more and more crowded with other nations, almost all of which were foreign in origin. In particular, the nations of Sagittarium and Drusidia very aggressively laid claims to large portions of the galaxy, often subjugating large numbers of Vlanoan nations as their militaries occupied the galaxy. After Sagittarium's democratization in the 40,000's CE, it gave its Vlanoan colonies independence. Rather than cutting off all ties, Sagittarium, formed a commonwealth with them called the "Sphere of Former Imperial States." The majority of the Vlanoan nations accepted entering the Sphere. From there, the Vlanoans formed yet another coalition, this time uniting the entirety of their species under the name "United Vlanoan Republic."

This nation remained at the forefront of Lacrimosan politics well into the 80,000's CE; it had both the largest military and economy in its region. The War of the Ancients, greatly destabilized the nation to the point of near total collapse. While at first whole-heartedly fighting on the side of the Confederacy of Borealis, the Kal Federation met stark internal divides about the war. The people were not interested in fighting in a foreign war they had little to do with. When the Quintet Puontari Federation attacked the United Vlanoan Republic, the divides blossomed into full rebellions. The government immediately signed an armistice with the QPF and pulled all military assets out of the conflict. The next election saw an antiwar party gain power, causing the Republic to sour its relations with the Confederacy of Borealis.

During Jezebel's War, a conflict involving the Confederacy of Borealis and Drusidia, the Confederacy of Borealis funded a coup in the Republic, causing the antiwar government to be removed. They were replaced with a temporary junta state that aided the Confederacy in the conflict. After the end of Jezebel's War in 91,001, the Confederacy removed the Junta and had a democratic government reinstated. As a concession, the Confederacy allowed the people to organize the government, eventually creating the Kal Federation in its modern form.

The Kal Federation is a great power in Via Lacrimosa. It remains as the largest economy and military presence in the galaxy, taking advantage of the large amount of trade which flows through its territory to the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. It has pacts, agreements, and treaties with almost every external superpower with interests in Via Lacrimosa, most of which dictate trade terms.

General Information

The Kal Federation

The Kal Federation



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91,001 CE
Kardashev Type
Major Worlds
Aira, Onaud



Federal Republic
Economic Type
Secular Distributism
Democracy Index
1.1 Octillion C-Units
Very Equal
Military Status
Great Power
Economic Status
Great Power


The Vlanoan Civil War, as it had become known, began during the War of the Ancients in 88,422 CE. It began as the nations resources became increasingly stressed. It was not only devoting large numbers of military units to the war effort but was also sustaining damages from a comparatively small number of Quintet forces. The damages motivated large numbers of the populace to began calling for an end to the war and great reform of the government. mostly to prevent it from dragging the nation into a war it had no reason to participate in.

The various provinces reorganized themselves into small states. They created congresses, elected governors, and created judiciaries all modelled after the larger original government. These states would then have a portion of their power surrendered to the government. The system was remarkably similar to the previous government only with local regions having far more power than they once had. The newly established government pulled out of the War of the Ancients with a peace treaty signed in 88,501 CE.

With a brief occupation during Jezebel's war came the modern form of the Kal Federation. The government was entirely rebuilt from the ground up, transitioning the federation from a mixed economy to a distributist one in which most corporations were fractured into planetary-level entities. Large-scale projects and resource allocation are handled by the state.

The recent reemergence of the entity Delyatu has caused quite a disturbance in recent time for the nation. With large portions of the population devoting themselves to the entity, entire industries have come to a stand still. Entire planets have been depopulated as the inhabitants leave en masse. The government has attempted various programs aimed at preventing the spreading of information about Delyatu and are doing everything in their power to limit its influence.


The Kal Federation is a Federal Republic. It scores highly on democracy and quality of life indexes.