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"One of the main planets of the core, this World is a center for several industries, from Cosmetics and Fashion, Textile industries, Construction and Design. However it is mostly known for being a main center of Clone slave design and production. It is as well the homeworld of one of the richest and most powerful families in the Empire, the House Zykov. Kalmarians are known for having high standards of living, excentric lifestyles, and fashionable outlook, sometimes regarded as cold and superficial, they are also admired for their vision and practicality" - Senator Maes Prim

Kalmar is a Terran World a terrestrial terra, located in the Karis System, orbiting Karis A, a Giant Orange star in a binary system. It is located in the Lewis Galaxy, deep into Herschel Space. It is one of the most ancient worlds of the Empire of Mankind. It also serves as the Seat of Power of House Zykov.

This World holds the main University of Architecture and Design in the Empire, an is famous for its Construction techniques and its beautifully inspired buildings.

The Main Economy of the Planet spins around Construction, Textile Production, Fashion and Cosmetics and mostly around Clone-Slave Production.


The Planet was colonized in the early era of the Republic of Elpida, with settlers from Mitra for the most part and some small Elpidan contingency as well.

During the Republic of Anthropos Era, Kalmar was a seat of power for one of the main parties at War being on the loosing side of the First Civil War, it strongly supported Hannakon during the Second Civil War, due mostly to the degree of destruction the Planet had achieved during the First one.

After the Empire was formed, important battles were fought here between the Rebellious Zykov and the loyal ones, finally winning those that supported the Emperor.

The War of the Two Emperors, saw Kalmar supporting strongly the Claims of Kador V, being a stronghold of the Emperor. The Battle of Kalmar was one of the main battles of the War. It was a defeat for the forces of Roldar I and Larissa I, who persecuted by the Zykov's forces of Kalmar had to retreat back to Thetis, where Roldar was killed. Larissa had to flee to Alma afterwards although later she managed to conquer back Thetis. The Death of Roldar was a crucial point in the conflict.

During The First Relative's War, the Planet changed hands several times, as the Zykov did. Most of the War, they supported Hannakon but later on changed to support Aranis by the end of the Conflict. The Second Relative's War was almost unheard of in Kalmar, as it remained passive during most of the war.

When the Union and the Empire started a War, a strong and fierce battle was fought in Kalmar's orbit, but the Union failed to take Kalmar, although cause some struggles to the rest of the System and its population. Finally Kalmar forces managed to drove them out, causing a mayor defeat that would prove to be critical for the outcome of the war and the defeat of the Union.

The War for All was mostly slightly heard of in Kalmar, although a state of Alert was constantly in place, the local forces never managed to land or attack Kalmar. They did send some fleets into the system but they were quickly drove out on several occasion.


The Planet has no moons and 4 actual continents and 2 continent that are completely covered by tan Icecap and are uninhabited by Humans. The Continents are Elleren, Valkaun, Rodaun and Uyum, while Ter and Chira are the other ones, this continents are almost unpopulated. There is also 3 Oceans and a large Sea. Kisda Ocean is the biggest one, followed by the Nuidar Ocean and later the smaller Ocean of Ressis and the Sea of Moxan.

Map of Kalmar Continents names.jpg
  • Rodaun: Its the main center for Construction and Design in the Planet, it is also the third most populated. Osadil is the Largest City.
  • Valkaun: It's the second most populated continent, It has the University of Architecture and is a base center for Cosmetics and Real estate, as well as the Textile Industries. The most populated and the second biggest in this world is the city of Toldun.
  • Elleren: Its the most populated one, it holds the main Cloning Industries of the Planet as well as some important Fashion industries. Salkadan is the Largest city of the continent and the Capital of the Planet
  • Uyum: Its the center of the energy and food production for the planet. It has as well some minor production and manufacturing from either Textile, Construction and others. The largest city is Dessera, and the third biggest in the Planet.
  • Chira: The continent is the least populated, it has a population based mostly on scientists, drinkable water extraction economy and mining. Also some energy is produced.
  • Ter: Its the second least populated continent. Its population is based on scientifical bases, drinkable water extraction mining and energy production. The later and Mining are the most important in Ter.