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Ajao Neia, Zeu Itagia kea ve Fiutti kea Epria, Jugut vadi Zeu Betu Arav keo Epria-Gi! -Kamarki script, adapted to Terran letters. Speech declaring the mandatory use of the language.

The Kamarkian Language Tree

Kamarka is one of the three official languages of the Eprium Triple Alliance


Known for being a harsh, guttural language, it was artificially designed from a collection of unknown languages previously spoken on Epria, in an effort to get a basic, universal language spoken regularly across the planet. The harshness comes from the cramming of a variety of different languages, combining words that don't fit together well.

Epri Common

A further evolution of Kamarka, Epri Common, was developed. It refines Kamarka into a singular, much more uniform language, somewhat easier to learn and can be spoken by Leivios and Altriuun, the two other founding species of the Alliance, which are incapable of making the sounds required for base Kamarka.

Epri Trade

A third version of Kamarka, Epri Trade, is an extremely simple version of Kamarka, limiting grammatical rules and amount of words to make it unusually quick for most species to learn, and easier to speak, but comes with the limitation of most words being used purely for trade-talk, with very few words pertaining to other topics.