The Kanadett (formally NGC 6624) is a globular star cluster located in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy owned by the Takanashi Family, a prominent human noble family. The cluster is mostly used as the headquarters for Takanashi Antimatter, a large antimatter corporation, the seat of the Takanashi Family, living space for the Family and prominent board members, and a huge tourist attraction.

Important planets include Itsuki and Hikari. Itsuki is where the head of the family lives, while Hikari is the meeting place for the lower-level board members of Takanashi Antimatter. The rest of the planets are mostly personal resorts for the wealthiest of the Takanashis. They have all sorts of luxuries not available to most such as Quantum Teleportation Gates, instant communication with any planet in the cluster, and actual human maids and butlers. All of these things are a ludicrously inefficient use of funds, but when have nobles ever thought about money before buying things?


In 55002, the Family became the first humans to enter the cluster after purchasing it from the CoB Department of Stellar Management. They bought the cluster to hide from the various revolutionary groups which existed during the The Noble Crisis.There were only handful of planets with life on them, and only one with anything even remotely similar to sapient life (the close proximity to other stars makes any given planet in the cluster far more likely to be sterilized by a supernova). These planets were converted into nature preserves as a way to market to consumers about the eco-friendly nature of antimatter.

Overtime, the cluster would become fully colonized. Most of the stars came to be surrounded by Dyson Swarms, most of which were entirely devoted to creating antimatter. The rest powered several wormholes leading to various areas in and around the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group.


Over the years, thousands of spoiled child (and adults) have spent their share of money very liberally, building all manner of mega-structures. The largest of these structures is known as Itsuki's ring, a 1 lightyear in diameter orbital ring orbiting the central black hole of the Cluster. This ring, while by no means special in the known universe, is unique in its sheer scale for structures in the Via Sagittaria. With a pair of binoculars, one would be able to see the other side of the ring as a thin filament in the sky.

Another structure is a a Nicoll-Dyson beam array that is commonly called 'The Deterrence." This system is made up of ten stars with seven powering the FTL delivery systems of the beam, and the other three creating it. These beams are the largest privately owned super weapon in the Confederacy. It was only approved because it could only fire at targets within the cluster, making it a solely defensive weapon. It was created in response to the War of the Ancients, when the cluster's infrastructure was heavily damaged by a battle raging near to it. The array orbits the black hole at two light years out.

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