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The Kanadett Star Cluster is a globular star cluster located within the Martial Space region of Via Aylathiya controlled by Tenshi. It is the political center of this once vast monarchy.

It has a population of nearly one quintillion, most of which reside in a habitat built around the central black hole, Kotomi, in artificial habitats. Most of the stars in the cluster were originally used for governing the large territory once controlled by Tenshi, but many of them have since fallen out of use as Tenshi retracted in size. Major planets include Yakusoku and Hikari, two major political centers for Tenshi.


The cluster is roughly 154 light years across and contains 8265 stars. It is one of the smallest continually inhabited star clusters in Via Aylathiya, also making it the densest in terms of population.

It is located within one hundred light years of a reclaimed military base once controlled by the Triumvirate Civilization. The State of Tenshi has since claimed the base for themselves and looted most of its valuable contents. The base contained powerful artifacts such as the TRS Last Waltz and TRS Night Running in addition to trillions of lesser craft. It greatly increased the military strength of Tenshi, allowing it to begin colonization of the Ventemir Galaxy in 15,102 CE.

The center of Kanadett, the Kotomi black hole, is the source of the majority of the cluster's power as well as its largest population center. Kotomi has a mass of 200 M.


The cluster first formed 6 billion years before the present day as interstellar dust and debris began to fall into the orbit of the Kotomi black hole. Unlike star-systems, the density of material was far lower, causing the material to remain in a roughly spherical shape. Most of the stars in the cluster from when it formed are still alive as they were mostly red dwarfs. There are a handful of younger stars in the center that are larger.

The first artificial object to enter the cluster was a probe from the Triumvirate in 18,905 BCE. The Triumvirate decided to use a small amount of materials from the cluster to construct a military base in the region. The reason for the base was to counter a potential invasion by Sedrua even though the likelihood of this scenario was very low. Once the base was completed several centuries later, the Triumvirate stationed a large number of ships there.

When the Triumvirate federalized in 15,089 BCE, it ceded the base and cluster to the Yohjan Confederacy. Even so, for the next thirteen thousand years, it would remain empty before the H. Aimer Corporation constructed various plants in the cluster. Political upheaval at the time called for an isolated production facility safe from terrorist attacks or military operations from other nations. A large number of wealthy individuals moved to the cluster for this reason. Once the leaders of H. Aimer found out about the nearby military base, they cut ties with the collapsing Yohjan Confederacy and formed their own coalition of wealthy individuals. It immediately devolved into a feudal society made up of thousands of small fiefs. For the next two thousand years the cluster remained divided into these thousands of nations. In 2,304 CE, the State of Tenshi formed and managed to unite the whole cluster. It has remained under the control of Tenshi ever since then.