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The Karendan Field Association is a large Field Association located in the void just off the Eastern Frontiers of the Palioxis Starfield. Also known as the Void Oasis, the association is very difficult to reach by normal means, as the chaotic effects of the void destroy most ships before they reach it. At present, the only way to access the Karendan Association from the rest of the starfield is via an artificially stabilized path across the void originally constructed eons ago by the Aergol Alliance.

At present, most of the Field Association is controlled by the Karendan Assembly, a union of most of the largest nations of Karendan. However, there are large portions of the association that are entirely unexplored.


Major Worlds

Notable Fields

The Karendan Field Association, due to its size, contains many notable fields within its borders.

Karendan Central Mega-Field

The Karendan Central Mega-Field, also known as Great Heaven is by far the largest of the fields of the Karendan Field Association. It contains roughly 1/5 of all the stars within the association, and contains roughly twenty large galaxy-like structures within its confines. Due to its size, this Mega-Field is home to many powerful civilizations, most of which being members of the Karendan Assembly.

The Great Heaven is often considered to be a miniature version of the Local Cosmos, in that it contains around 30 structures that take the apperance of miniature galaxies, separated by large swathes of empty space.

The Arrival Field

The Arrival Field is a small field with approximately 1,000 stars. Any object passing through the Great Rift of Nerax, found within the Providence Neutral Zone above the planet Nerax, is instantly transported somwhere within this field, though the exact position is never certain. It is also possible to pass through a similarly sized rift in the dead center of this field, materializing in a random position within a 45-light-year radius around the other rift.

Due to this phenomenon, the Arrival Field is considered to be Neutral Territory by treaty between all the nations of the Karendan Field Association.

Cave of Gems

The Cave of Gems

The Cave of Gems is widely considered to be the most beautiful of the many fields of the Association. A large nebula filled with newly born stars fills the entire field, and it is a common artistic subject throughout the association. The Cave is the endpoint of an artificially stabilized path connecting the Field Association to the rest of the Palioxis Starfield, and as such many spacecraft pass through it.

Most native life within the Cave of Gems is found away from the large clusters of high-mass O and B-type stars which are being formed by the nebula. The field is fully controlled by the Confederation of the Jewels, a small K2 civilization.

Stars of the Dead

The Stars of the Dead is a completely dead field centered on a massive black hole. This black hole, known as Obscurus, is a quasar, meaning that it routinely devours large quantities of material, releasing huge amounts of radiation. This radiation is the reason why the field is completely dead. Historical documents from ancient civilizations show that the Obscurus quasar has lasted far longer than it reasonably should, although no one has come close to a reason why it does so.

This field is nominally controlled by the Cuarani Federation of Marath, although it delegates most responsibilities to various mining corporations.

Snow-Globe Field

The Snow-Globe Field is an oddity. Its structure consists of a dense cluster at the center of the field, and a similarly dense shell of stars hugging the edge. These two structures are separated by large amounts of extremely sparsely populated empty space. Why the Field is structured this way is completely unknown.

The Snow-Globe Field is the most populous field of the Lagreth Union, home to its capital of Lagreth. As such, the Field was a key target in the Great War of Karendan, the war that spanned the entire Field Association and involved most of the nations within it.