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"Home of the Union's Maritime forces, it is an important world for the nation and has been increasing its importance to the point some claim it has overshadow its Alma Mater, Ishai, from where the Katarians came. Its people are calm, with a strong identity, working ethics and pride of their homeworld" - Annik Marrash, High Priestess of the Union

Kataria is an oceanic planet of the Union, located in the Fursus System, in the Lewis Galaxy. It lies inside Herschel Space. It's very often called Katania in its native Dialect. It is the second most important oceanic world in the Nation, right after Ishai from where its history is deeply entangled. Most of the Katarians settlers came originally from Ishai, and thus this planet makes the founding grounds of the Katarian culture.

Kataria is home to the maritime armies, with high quality training centers, military offices, manufacturing and shipyards. It is also home to the Marine's academy of the Union. The economy however is also based heavily on Fisheries and Algae production (either for food or other purposes). Commerce and trade are also somehow important

Its the Homeworld of the Order of Kataria. The Tarkonau Order and the Order of the Arkons have a strong presence in Kataria, as well as the Sisterhood of Kryso. Ishai Dancers have the second largest academy in this world, and its art is really popular among the population.

Kataria is in turn, the mother planet of Kataria Secundus and Kataria Tertius, both were colonized by Katarian settlers.


The Planet was colonized in 40 008 CE by the Union, who had already sent probes and tripulated missions into the planet. Most of the settlers were recruited in Ishai, with minorities coming from others worlds. This had a profound impact on the culture of the planet, who had Ishaian culture as its base culture to start from scratch.

In 40 112 CE, Primitive intelligent life was found in the Oceans of Kataria. As it was already too late to avoid colonization, it was decided to leave those communities pretty much untouched and unspoiled. Comercial contacts have thus been prosperous among both communities on a minor scale (mostly food, minerals and other products such as artistic manufacturing) but both avoiding each other. Most notably avoiding sharing technology that may altered them. This communities of Primitives make less than 50 million individuals worldwide and are on a similar stage of evolution as the Age of Metals. This means they live on the Early Middle Ages.

In the War against the Empire of Mankind, the Planet remained pretty much untouched by Imperial forces although an important battle was fought in the system, leaving millions of casualties, many of whom came from the world of Kataria.


Most of the Planet is covered in large oceans. As the sun is really big and bright, it has avoided Kataria from freezing off, so water has remained in liquid state. Very small and tiny archipiélagos exist. So small they can barely be seen through space. The Archipelagos are somehow war away from each other, and have unique ecosystems. Most of the inhabitants of Katania are forced to either live by the shores of this archipielagos, or on water-cities.

  • Orealis Archipelago

City of Vanauka

Its a populous archipelago, although it main city, Vanauka extends throughout water and the islands of the archipelago. It's the capital city of the Planet.

  • Pulika Island

Used for shipyard industries and as a base for mineral processing, it is a training ground of the military and holds the Marine Academy and the Headquarters of the Tarkonau Order. About some 3500kms away from the Island, lies the City of Lorema.

  • Tendraka Archipielago

City of Sekortis

Its home to the city of Grassel who extends through the water and across the many inslet of the archipielago. Between Tendraka and Idiris lies the City of Mekren, the largest floating city and the second largest in the Planet. It is around 8000 kms away from Tendraka and 6000kms away from Idiris.

  • Dasan Archipelago

The Floating city of Lorema

It's not very populated, although some cities of lower importance exist here, most notably to refurbished the more important and nearby water city of Sekortis. Between the Dasan archipielago and Orealis, the city of Brukanda floats in the middle of the ocean.

  • Idiris Archipelago

Underwater complexes

It's the most dense and one of the most populated archipiélagos. It is known to have a large underwater community of primitives in its shallow waters. This has become one of the largest and most prosperous among the primitives as commercial contact with the settlers has increase notably in recent years. The city of Toborun, the fourth largest in the planet is located here.

  • Odessa Island

Drun City on Odessa Island.

It's the largest Island, and its the home base of the Military bases of the Union, such as the main Marine Control Center. It has a large bay home to a small protected local primitive Katarian people summing around 51 000 individuals, who live in the Outer Arms of the Bay. It's home to the small city of Drun, with about 2 billion inhabitants.

Culture and Society

The culture of the Planet is very much based on that of Ishai, and involves pretty much anything around water. Fishing is a very populous activity in the Planet and all sort of water sports are also popular. The Water-Planning is one of the funniest activities, invented in the Planet.


Farm Industrial Complexes

Most of the Dishes consist on Fish and Algae. Just like in Ishai. Many of the dishes were imported from there, alongside many species of algae for food production. One of the most common food sources are the Pitrin Algae, used in almost every dish in the Katarian cuisine.

Literary tradition

The Katarians have a long tradition in literature, with many having followed the Path of the Senses and perfected their natural artistic abilities to create some of the most amazing pieces of literature found in the Union.

The famous author, Verun Korino, is one of the most famous literary authors of the 105 000s not only in the Union but abroad.

Flora and Fauna

Native Fauna


Iskamu, near its mating grounds in the Dasan Archipelago.

It's the most dangerous species in Kataria, a strong predator that can kill at ease anything that lies within their reach. This massive creature is constantly maintained away from inhabited areas by strong defenses. Although attacks to humans are rare, they have happened numerous times. The primitives of Kataria use the sound of their gills and their large numbers to scare this predator away, and is present in their fairytale stories as a dangerous monster.


The Merlax

It's a predator that has adapted well to the deep seas of the oceans of Kataria. It has also developed fluorescence and is able to hunt large prey, although not as large as the Salatrians. It has been slightly displaced by the Teyak, but still both have found their own ecological niche. The Merlax live in small groups, and the females are larger than the males. They are fast and well equipped with many finds. Their fluoresenced is used not only for hunting but for reproduction.


A large Salatrian individual near the Tendraka Archipelago

This are Huge and large animals, of fluorescentic nature, who feed themselves on microscopic life. They are very similar to whales, but usually are larger and feed trough a system of tubes. It is a rather nice species, who lives alone or in small family groups and used sound and color to communicate. They can reach as long as 130 meters and as wide as 20 Meters. This huge creatures are sometimes attacked by the Iskamu.


They are a bunch of creatures, black in color, who live in large groups of a minimum of 300 individuals to a maximum of 600. They feed mostly on fish and small animals in the oceans. They are however, prey of the Merlax and the Iskamu and thus are forced to be social and hunt in groups for its safety. Traditionally the Toskens have also been a prey of the Katarian Primitives.

Imported Fauna


A group of Tosken

Its an imported predator who has adapted well, but due to the Iskamu presence, it has limited itself to some areas where Iskamu is not common such as the Tendrakan Archipelago or the Orealis Archipelago. The main difference between the Teyak in this planet and that found elsewhere is that they live in larger groups than in their native Thetis. This has allowed them to defend themselves much better against any Iskamu aggression.

Takke Fish

Its an imported Fish, that has also adapted well to the Planet. It has been used mostly in the Fishing industry but some live in the wild and are hunted by the Teyaks.


Kataria System.jpg

One of the most important bases of the orders is located in this Planet. It is actually the second most important of them. A large training center of the Order exist in the Pulika Island, Alongside the Repis Bay and the Dolimarun Lagoon, a perfect spot for training.

The order has a strong based here, located in the Idiris Archipelago. It is mostly based on recruiting members to train. The order has many small business here to finance itself. It came to Kataria through settlers from Arkon in the year 98 247 CE.

  • The Order of Kataria

is one of the most famous bringers and keepers of Peace, and can have an oath of protection to any individual or alien species in danger. This means they are highly militarized order and they carry the Famous Katarian Swords, a technological weapon for personal combat (made in the Fursus System). They are somehow secretive, and its truly nature of their deads is unknown. This Order is very revered in the Planet. Some members in the order are erudites, and have been studying the planet's fauna, flora and most notably its primitive life.

Alien Intelligent Life

The Primitive Katarians, are a species of Humanoid, similar to "mermaids" living in the oceans of Kataria. They live in either deep oceanic water or close to the archipelagos. Due to the later, the settlers have preferred to build on land or above the sea rather than below to avoid interference. However, cities in the middle of the oceans do have underwater sectors. This native Katarians are a pacifistic species, quite friendly with Humans.

A Young Katarian Primitive Female, still immature since it hasn't developed its large and beautiful head tales.

The Unionists of Kataria have a positive view on the Primitives and act actively to protect them, most notably from other foreign Unionists. They take very much proud at them and have indirectly tried to improved their living conditions. The relations between natives and unionists have been good enough and deep respect exist between the two. This has made the world of Kataria a deep core supporter of the Peaceful Faction, that wants to allow alien life to also use the Gift.

They live in cities and towns underwater and have shown an incredible intelligence. Their largest cities can hold up to 500 000 individuals. They live out of farming and hunting. They farm the oceanic soil with algae such as the Yekan Algae and practice large cattle raising, like that of the Mepra Locust.

They warm themselves using volcanic warm sources from the underground, that they have redirected to their cities and towns. Most live in deep waters, like the Telken Katarians, a subculture based on a Warlike form and who has formed apparently a small underwater empire, most notably reaching a fifth of the oceanic floor in the southern hemisphere. The Dasan Archipielago is on the outskirts of such empire.

Kreon's Primitive Katarians

Some few were taken away from Kataria and have been brought to other places for study, either being kept in captivity or dissected for scientific purposes (Usually already dead corpses). Some even made it to Kreon, where they have adapted well, living in the Water Domes of the Planet and developping greatly from a early feudal original society to a Type 3 civilization, showing that their intelligence and capabilities are similar to those of Humans, Aldorians or any other median Intelligent Alien Species. The total number of Katarians in Kreon reaches 1 Billion, outnumbering those of their native homeworld of around 50 million.