Keloda is a desertic terra moon, and is Lokira's largest sattelite, with a distance of about 111,000 kilometers from Lokira itself. Keloda was once a target of the Xa'Thin Space Race, and it now has about 1.3 million Xa'Thin inhabitants.

Keloda is controlled by the XGU.


Keloda is a barren desert with craters every now and then, and even mountain ranges. The Kelodan surface is yellow-ish in color, and early Xa'Thins thought of it like a gold mine.


Keloda has many eco-domes and dome-cities scattered around the moon. The one with the most Xa'Thins on it is Dome Eternia, with about 135,000 Xa'Thins in it.


Millions of Xa'Thins wish to abolish Belief I and terraform Keloda, and other planets in the system. So far, only a few congress members support the change.

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