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Kelpnee is the fourth planet to orbit Liphire, the secondary star of the Nonbyte system near the edge of the galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Kelpies.


Kelpnee is the second planet to orbit, in the Nonbyte System, near the limits of the Galaxy. Kelpnee is a lush, forested world with vast rainforests and soggy swamps filled with mega algae. Kelpnee is the homeworld of the Kelpies and many other rural, non-intelligent species, and is one of the few planets that host rural intelligent life in the Galaxy. Kelpnee now serves as breeding grounds for the prismaalgae.

Kelpnee has been one of the most important planets in the history of universal agriculture, Kelpnee has been home to the Velariums species, which conquered the two Berry galaxies. The ruins of this species are cause for great celebration when the inhabitants of this planet meet and have professions and are happy to make a new discovery.

Here there is a problem with the inhabitants because there was a disease in the villages of these kelpies since a velarium threw a bucket with radiation into the rivers and wells by accident that infected the rivers in 1867 so a family of kelpies when his wife According to the legend, she was pregnant she needed, according to the legend, when she took something affectionate the DNA of the unborn child, then when she was born until Reapking (The doctor of the villages) she rejected it and her baby came out with a greenish skin tone that still did not stop them from loving his baby but no one in the village approached him so when he grew up he made a family and his children the descendants of the new bug species were propagated so far there are 200,000 of them all over the planet and more than 300 Millions of them in the galaxy what apso was that they threw them out of the villages and were so upset that they are the mortal enemies of the Kelpie they always burn loot and steal and mistreat the Kelpie for an eternal revenge and are saqu space engines.

- His name is the...... Kuulpees the evil Kelpies


Lypania is located in the Lerpidel sector, a region at the fringes of the Via Saggitaria Galaxy consisting of the first thousand stars to be colonized by the Velariums.


Kelpnee experiences a relatively monotonous climate of almost constant rain throughout the endless forests. On most landmasses, Kelpnee has a rainfall rate of about three thousand milliliters, which is insane and well above what the average habitable world has. and also its temperature sometimes exceeds 30 degrees on average and at the poles it is 1 degree on average there is where the biomes of the Kelpeenian Taigas come in, which are snowy kelps and made towards the cold. Its seas are desolate without life and are the color Cyan of hydrogen but there are underwater caves its caves an eerily large generation up to 50 km from a single cave and amethyst stalagmites.


Kelpnee has three moons, all of which are planetooid, known as the Three Sapphires because are of color blue. These are Liptul, Nithink, and Newlikh, and each of them orbits relatively close to Kelpnee meaning that they have very high populations for their small size.