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Kemak is a planet located in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy, in the Muran System. It is a terrestrial world known to be one of the first human colonies ever established. It belongs to the Federation of United Star Systems. It was settled in the year 2922 CE by colonists from Helyar. The planet is known for its fertile soil and its high degree of technological and scientific research laboratories. Agriculture however remains important. The Planet was first explored by a join Asean mission who named the Planet Kemak (short for Prosperity in Malay and Bahasa Indonesia).


The Planet has 4 continents. Known as Ewei, Krapunlong, Serati and Kiwat.

  • Ewei

It was settled mostly by wealthier colonists. This continent however suffered from severe ecological contamination, and its alien native life had to compete with native life from other worlds. In some cases it had drastic consequences, while in others it boosted the ecology. In the case of Ewei, most would agree that it had a bad effect. Ever since, Ewei has become the scientific and industrial continent of Kemak. It has a total population of 10 billion.

  • Krapunlong
  • Serati

Its economy is based on mineral extraction, manufacturing and energy. It has a total population of 6 billion. It was mostly settled by people from India, Burma and Bangladesh, it has a considerable Brazilian, Turkish and Egyptian population.

  • Kiwat

Its economy was base of largely agricultural technology and appliances, as well as services and other small high-tech appliances. The total population of the continent was 10 billion.


Most of the planet is driven by a very peculiar culture. It is one of the most developed worlds and capital of its district. The system was colonized from Kemak and so were the nearby systems. Very ancient cultures and religions were preserved in Kemak and its architecture has a special style unseen in other worlds.

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