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Kerin Owango was the High Theocrat and official ruler of the Union from 45,007 CE to 45,589 CE (24 841 ALD - 25 423 ALD) when he was executed. He was the leader of the Warlike factions and thus set into power due to the consecuenses of the Civil War of the Union, which relegated the use of the Parasite gift to only humans.

He was one of the most famous leaders of the Union but it's nowadays a controversial figure. He was largely blame for initiating and warming up the ongoing hostilities with the Empire of Mankind, which lately led to the Imperial-Unionist War.


Native of the world of Etul, in the Jul-Kapa system, he was born in the year 44,931 CE (24 765 ALD) in the city of Lokaban, the second largest city in the planet. Soon, he enlisted in the military force and pursue a carrier in this field. He studied in the Etul military academy and soon was sent to serve on the orbital military station in the kapa system. It didnt took long for him to enter open battle against Tryn pirates or even small assaults to the Tryn colonies of the moons of Palami, the gas giant in the kapa system. During this period of war with the Tryn he lost many friends and companions from the military building up on his hate towards xenos and his views on the superiority of mankind. Thus he retired for a moment later in life to pursue the Path of the Warrior, which he achieved.

When he returned, he continued serving the military and was promoted for his talent. Eventually he reached the rank of General and thus became extremely important and famous for his merits on war against the always menacing threat of the Tryn. This made him extremely famous on Etul which made him run for a political career. He presented himself to the Triumvirate election for the local Jul-Kapa, which he won, giving him access to one of the three most popular seats within the system. It was then that his views made him increadibly popular within the Jul-kapa system, becoming more known. He was the one chosen to represent the system in the National parlament and it was here that his views became more popular for a wider audience, to the point were he was elected as one of the representatives of the Warlike factions within the Parlament itself, the winner faction of the War of Factions that had taken place in the past.

The conflict that arose out of Kerin was the growing tensions between the Union and the Empire so it wasnt long until the Union and the Empire collided and iniciated a war, known as The Imperial-Unionist War. SALDy, this culminated with the slighlty larger loss of the Union (although both sides actually lost). This made Kerin the scape goat and thus he was judged for high treason, and made responsible for initiating the conflict, being sentenced to death and executed in 45,589 CE at 618 years of age, ending officially his rule.

Physical Appearance

Kerin had the traditional features of the people from Etul, the Etulians. He had it's distintive black skin and eyes and abscence of hair. Tall and build. The iris of etulians had evolve to the conditions on Etul prisme of light. They were able to see the UV light and the infrared light. This made their entire eye being fully black.


He was born out of a military family in Etul, on the Jul-kapa system. He had 2 younger siblings. He barely had much connection to his family as at the ealry age of 18 he enlisted for the military and travel so much that he was barely able to travel home to see his relatives. After he was 28, he soon was moved to the orbital station of Kapa and from there engaged into open conflict with the Tryn.

At 33 he initiated his training in the Path of the Warrior, which took him surprisingly just 14 years to complete, and at the age of just 47, he was back on the military and initiating a political carreer. It was at 52 that he was elected finally as a member of the Triumvirate, and at 56 when he was sent to the Union's parlament. Finally it wasnt until he was 66 he was elected leader of the Warrior factions. Soon after, at 70 he married Lukna Eled and at 74 he was elected High Theocrat of the Union.

With Lukna Eled, he had 4 children: Mina Owango, Tulen Owango, Pirsel Owango and Uknura Owango. All of his children would be elected and would go on to build large reknown families in the politics of the Union. Tulen Owango, for example, had opposite ideas to his father, being not only a follower of the peaceful factions, but also from the pro-xeno approach. Pirsel and Uknura followed his father's lead being anti-xeno and pro-warlike factions. Mina Owango did not follow the family tradition and made a career in commerce alongside her husband, retiring herself from politics. She was however said to be rather an anti-xeno but advocated for the peaceful factions.