"We grew and became a galactic people thanks to Humans. We've spent thousands of years living side by side with Humans. We're well aware of the fact there are Humans who do horrendous things within other Factions - But we're not stupid enough to think you can slot an entire species into one Faction or one category."

The Kessenski are a reptilian humanoid species native to Sonoran, located within the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. They share their solar system, Najima, with another species who is also native to another world, the Borshann.

Throughout much of their history, the Kessenski have been aware of the existence of alien species other than themselves. They had been visited several times by the Borshann while they were still in development, and very shortly after the Great Seal-Off of Verpletter, Humans made contact with them, and the two species merged their societies. They would later go on to be joined by the Borshann, and become one of the three founding species of The Sonoran Union. They have since become widespread throughout Sonorani space, and the Verpletter Galaxy and beyond in general.

A naturally curious people, they have spread throughout much of the Verpletter Galaxy, and left their home galaxy to explore the wider universe. They are also a loyal species, particularly to the Sonoran Union, and many often return to their homes, to bring back secrets and all that they have learned from outside of Verpletter or the Union. They are well known for being a particularly well spoken and articulate species, often able to talk their way out of situations with finesse and skill.

Appearance and Biology

The Kessenski are a Humanoid reptilian species, which evolved to adapt to life on a planet-wide desert. Their bodies are covered in scales, which allows them to withstand the heat, as well as make them a very sturdy people. They average 1.7 meters tall on average, and possess large mouths and eyes.

Their hands possess claws at the ends of their fingers, and the species is cold blooded. This assists them when they must travel between worlds, and allow them to be used to the temperatures found on starships.

In a display of sexual dimorphism, male Kessenski are known to have frills, whereas Female Kessenski do not.

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