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The Kevenam Galaxy is a Spiral Sbc-class galaxy, located in Herschel Space. It is about 13 million light years from the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy. It is one of the larger galaxies in Herschel space, and it is one of the first to be colonized by the forces of the Lewis Nations.


After its dicovery and official naming, not much more was explored about the Galaxy until many millennia later, when Humans settled in the Lewis Galaxy in 20 166 CE. Humans started to explore and map the nearby space. The Kevenam Galaxy was way more close now to them than it was to the Via Lacrimosa. Imperial Scientists soon gained interest in the galaxy and explored it from afar. Around 42 720 CE, exploration probes were sent and by 45 273 CE, the first tripulated mission was sent to the Galaxy.

The Kevenam Galaxy soon seemed to be a place filled with life. The main exploring nations in the Kevenam Galaxy were the Empire of Mankind, The Union, the Intergalactic Federation, the United Alliance and the Republic of Sion. Splitting the territory among them, there are several other nations, such as the Aldorian Nations. The Aldorians had already arrived by 43 355 CE to the Galaxy and settled it, although expantion was slow, due to the War between some Aldorian nations going on during that period. By 45 918 CE, the First Human Colony was stablished in the Galaxy.

Soon many more followed, becoming one of the main Human galaxies and one of the most important ones in the Herschel Region.


The Galaxy has several amrs, a core and some dispersed areas

The Arms are 4 and are known as:

  • The Corridor
  • The Bailarina's Leg
  • The Misty Arm (Divided due to its size, onto the Outer Misty Arm and Thick Misty Arm)
  • The Outer Rim.

According to Administration, the Galaxy is divided into 5 Quadrants:

  • The Tera Quadrant, also known as the Imperial Quadrant is the largest, filled with human life. It is located on the Bailarina's Leg Arm and the Core.
  • The Yula Quadrant, or Union Quadrant is located into the Misty Arm, mostly precisely into the Outer Misty Arm.
  • The Mila Quadrant or Federal Quadrant is located into The Corridor with a small section on the core.
  • The Kodinis Quadrant or Aldorian Quadrant takes most of the Thick Misty Arm and some areas of the Core.
  • The Outer Quadrant covers most of the outer rim and is largely unsettled, with colonist expanding towards the area. It is technically divided between the Empire of Mankind and the Intergalactic Federation territorial disputes.

According to National Territory

  • The Empire of Mankind takes much of the Bailarina's leg territory, the Outer Rim and the Core.
  • The Union takes most of the Outer Misty Arm.
  • The Intergalactic Federation occupies the Corridor arm as well as a piece of the Core
  • The Aldorian High Kingdom takes some areas of the Corridor, must mostly the southern portion of the Thick Misty Arm and some large areas of the core.
  • The Aldorian Hegemony Takes most of the Northern or outer Thick Misty Arm and some portions of the core.



  • Humans

They first appeared in 50 273 but proper settlement didnt start until 645 years later, in 50 918 CE that the first human settlement appeared. The Main planet in the Kevenam Galaxy is Eldokar.

  • Aldorians

They first arrived in the Galaxy in 50 477 CE and explored the region. By 50 884 CE, the first colony was stablished in Amiris and Loganis.


  • The Klopn

Are a peculiar species native to Kevenam, they have a less evolved civilization and havent abandoned their homeworld. They remain on a primitive industrial age. An early species that has evolved on a rich Co2 atmosphere planet.

They have developed a space civilization and they control a somehow important region of the Galaxy. They have remained in good terms with the Extragalactic Invaders. Although it's beginning were not easy. They are the modern remnants of the Axon Civilization in the Galaxy.

  • The Gunvixa

They are a species that has remained isolated and fights every alien ship that enters their space. They consider the strangers as invaders and have tried on numerous occasions to expel the Aldorians and Humans from the Galaxy and have tried to form alliances and gain support from other native species of the Galaxy

  • The Zaxava

A somehow evolved civilization that has prefered to not expand quickly and remains mostly in their own sector. They are of a peaceful nature.

Extinct Civilizations

  • The Vemex Civilization
  • The Axon Civilization (when their civilization crumble, the Axon devolved and became the Yakon)
  • The Jeket Civilization. Remains have been found but most probably they Jeket were transported here by the Vemex, although some believe they colonized the Galaxy.
  • Propably the Dengar Civilization: Evidence and remains of their presence has been found in the Galaxy. It is still unknown if they colonized the Galaxy or where brought here.