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The theorized connection between the Universe and Khaos

Khaos, referred to as the Inescapable Void by the majority, and also named Eternity, is a large collective region of innumerable alternate planes in a singular empty and contained medium far beyond the known and the unknown Universe. Khaos is the location in which the smaller Palioxis Starfield is located, which is the only region with any sort of activity in the region. It is unknown how the Palioxis Starfield was forged, though many theories state that a connection between the Universe and Khaos occurred naturally. With this new connection, energy and matter from the Universe could populate the Starfield, giving birth to the lush realm the Starfield is in the modern day.

While Khaos is thought to be largely empty from everything by the general public, a few hypotheses share the common fact that there may be other pockets of activity in Khaos. Nevertheless, none such pockets have been discovered in the modern day. As distances can't be measured by normal means within Khaos, the farthest any man-made object has ever reached is though to be five billion light-years, though it was destroyed as its atomic structure started to break apart, disappearing into pure nothingness. When the Starfield is too small to appear in the cosmic horizons, distances seem to 'break down', as do many laws of physics.

Khaos is the location in which the Rifters and Keepers used to reside in. As heavily mystical creatures, the nature of them is theorized to be far stranger than anything ever observed in the Universe. The large-scale conflict known as the Ancient Primordia's War took place in Khaos, the results of which have spread on an universal scale. By the end of the war, innumerable alternate planes were destroyed, and the theorized connection between the Universe and Khaos is though to have been formed, creating the Palioxis Starfield, and eliminating the Rifters and Keepers from existence.

Call of the Abyss

When an individual is exposed to be empty nature of Khaos far from any other matter and energy, they start to experience a mental illness known as the Call of the Abyss, or Abyssaphrenia. This illness subjects the exposed to harsh symptoms, driving even the strongests of minds insane in a matter of weeks.

One of the worst symptoms one may suffer from when exposed to Khaos is Void's Calling. This symptom starts to appear after extended exposure for an hour or more, and is characterized by hearing numerous deep and ghastly voices, telling the one exposed to venture deep into the void, leaving the Starfield and the Universe behind.

After more than five hours of continuous exposure to Khaos, one might begin to observe ghostly and shadowy figures near the corner of their sight, instantaneously vanishing into thin air when directly observed or focused on. These beings are known as Shadows, owing to their strange nature.