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Khriss, or the Unified Kingdom of Khriss, is an interstellar semi-constitutional monarchy based around the M13 Cluster of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. While the most important species would be the Rissians, the kingdom's population consists of a mixture of several species from multiple systems. It was engaged in a brief conflict with humans via the Hivolian-Khriss War, but now maintains routine peaceful contact.

It is currently an associate state to the CoB, but it is not a full member.


Originally, the Khriss consisted of 12 large separate monarchies with hundreds of other minor ones spread across their home planet of Riss. However, around 1000 BC (the exact date varies depending on which Khriss sub-kingdom is being referred to), a treaty was signed which united the twelve kingdoms into a single entity in response to their technological developments which had begun to allow space travel. As time passed, the smaller kingdoms and nations were also entered into the treaty, eventually binding the whole planet's population under a single banner.

Nevertheless, there was still significant political powerplay between the factions. This significantly impeded the discovery of interstellar travel, confining them to their own system until about 5600 AD. Once it was discovered, expansion was further slowed down by the feudal traditions between the leaders, resulting in several moderately sized feudal conflicts/civil wars. Nevertheless, they continued to expand in their local bubble and progressed technologically.

On the year 11400, their forward exploration vessels encountered a mining vessel of the Free Systems of Hivol. Initially, some diplomatic contact was made as the Hivolians were the first spacefaring race encountered by the Khriss. However, after several centuries of idle relations, their territories and spheres of influence began to squeeze at each other. Due to multiple border violations and conflicts, the two nations declared a short-lived war, which was settled within less than a year with multiple territorial concessions from both sides.

During the First Intergalactic War, the Khriss sided with the Confederacy of Borealis since the war was declared whilst the Hivolians only joined nearly three decades into the 100-year war. Their part was especially seen in the Guice-Luice Campaign where they crippled a Gerixys fleet attempting to establish the cluster as a stepping stone for an Alliance invasion.

Economy and Politics

While their central government holds significant powers, the feudal rulers of the Khriss are capable of collecting and managing their own taxes and companies. This results in an unusual configuration where regulations often contradict with each other, or at the very least some interference.

While the central government is elected by popular vote, the feudal rulers are based of inheritance. These sometimes change due to power struggle, popular rebellion, etc. Out of the whole population, it's estimated that 20 billion does not live under a feudal rule.