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The Kinetic Annihilator is an anomalous alien artifact of unknown origin, contained in Victorian Containment Station. The Kinetic Annihilator is one of the strangest alien devices ever uncovered by Singularia, with no other known artifact matching its potential power for death and destruction.

The Kinetic Annihilator possesses enough stabilized and contained kinetic energy to wipe out the entire Palioxis Starfield in an instant, if it were released. Fortunately, no way of actually breaking into the device to release it has been discovered. Even teleporting some of the most violently reactive material inside it has no effect on its outer core.

The outer core of the Kinetic Annihilator s made out of a strange kind of matter similar to ordinary matter, though its atomic structure and bonds are millions of times stronger compared to typical matter.

This device was freely floating through the space between the Fields of the Starfield, in an area controlled by Singularia. A few decades ago, it started to emit unusual electromagnetic frequencies, which caused many scientists to be interested. Soon thereafter, it was safely transported to the Victorian Containment Station for inspection and containment.