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39,488 CE - Today

The Kingdom of Saihera is the fourth largest nation in the Florathel Galaxy. It is the only nation exerting control over large sections of the Galactic Halo of the Florathel Galaxy, and it is very spread out because of the sparseness of stars in this region. Technically because of this, it is actually the largest nation in the galaxy by area, but no one uses that criterion these days. The Kingdom of Saihera is notably partially run by a monarchy, though this is almost entirely a figurehead with no power beyond Saihera and surrounds. Because of the extreme sparseness of systems, the Kingdom is notably underdeveloped, with many portions of its territory in crippling poverty. This has not stopped it from being the one of the most influential nations in the galaxy, with an event directly caused by it, the War of Saiheran Succession, leading to the creation of the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy.

The Kingdom of Saihera occupies a large amount of the sparse Galactic halo, a feat achieved by no other nation with the debatable exception of the Pecay-Po Federation of Nalachi. Because of the sparseness of the Galactic Halo, the Kingdom must be very decentralized, with those on the outer reaches being effected very little by what happens in the heartlands. Apart from its vast claims in the Halo, the Kingdom of Saihera controls very little in the galactic disk itself, apart from small regions colonized in the Providence Neutral Zone. The Kingdom of Saihera does however control a portion of the Rapier Ring, which it holds relatively tighter than the surrounding regions because of its higher density.



The capital of the Kingdom of Saihera is the planet Dimostah, a desert world orbiting the red dwarf Saihera. Dimostah is very dry and almost lifeless other than non-native intelligent individuals, and is an ecumenopolis, with a population of over ten trillion. Dimostah is not the homeworld of the Kingdom's founding species, the Scargass, but was the major center of population after the supernova of their original home star, Tegerelis, which destroyed their original homeworld. This occured long before they gained the technology to stop supernovae, which forced them to evacuate to the relatively nearby Saihera System.


The Kingdom of Saihera is a constitutional monarchy, with some key differences. The Monarch's power is quite huge over things in the core regions of the Kingdom, and literally nonexistent in the borderlands. However, the Monarch is not the only piece of government, which is split into the Legislative Branch, a branch for voting on possible laws to be passed or vetoed by the Monarch (vetoing very rarely happens), the Executive Branch, the Monarch and cabinet, and the Judicial Branch, the highest court.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is composed of a Parliament and a House of Nobles. Parliament is composed of ordinary individuals from throughout the Kingdom elected from each jurisdiction, and any member can propose a bill to be voted on. Once this bill passes with a majority (at least 1/2 of the house), it is passed to the House of Nobles, consisting mostly of members of the noble families, though the Monarch can appoint pretty much anyone to the House of Nobles. The House votes on it, and if the bill passes that, it is sent to the Monarch, who invariably simply passes it. The rare cases where he/she does not almost always involve violations of the constitution of the nation so egregious that if passed would "destroy the nation as we know it". If the bill does not pass the House of Nobles, it is sent back to Parliament and modified a bit. Then it is sent back, and if it fails, the bill is dropped.

Some people wish to get rid of the House of Nobles, as they have blocked many key relief bills for individuals in crushing poverty near the edges of the Kingdom. It is also seen as preserving the inequality pervasive at the founding of the nation.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch, a branch charged with enforcing the laws passed by the Legislative Branch, and is composed of the Monarch and his/her appointed officials. They are charged with enforcing the laws and occasionally vetoing really bad ones that get passed by the House of Nobles. The Executive Branch contains such important officials as the Minister of Defense, Minister of Health, so many other ministers, and of course the Monarch. The Monarch can decide how to enforce the laws, giving them a bit more power then it looks like they have, effectively rendering a law null and void by deciding not to enforce it.

The Monarch is a hereditary office, except in cases when the current monarch has no sons or daughters in which case it is elected. Where the current monarch has multiple children, the Monarch themself chooses which child will rule next, but if they don't do this, then the eldest child is the heir. This can lead to problems, such as when King Oram suddenly died, leaving behind quadruplets who were the same age, before she could choose which one. They began fighting, which exploded into the War of Saiheran Succession. After these events, there wer many who wished to abolish the monarchy entirely.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of the Kingdom of Saihera takes the form of the Great Court. The Great Court is composed of twelve individuals, randomly selected from the graduation lists of law schools. This selection process is repeated every fifty years to make a completely new court. Due to this random selection, any bias is as low as possible.

The only non-random portion of the Great Court is the fact that it is always presided over by the Crown Prince (or princess) of Saihera, currently being Princess Akrena. The Crown Prince essentially enforces the rules of court, and votes only in the instance of a tie among the other twelve members.

Worlds of Note

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Galactic Halo, Capital Sector
Galactic Halo, Capital Sector
Galactic Halo, Radul Sector
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