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High Priestess on a Kiruni worship

The Kirunist religion is a faith spread all over the Lewis Nations, other than the Union. It's a dualist religion that focus itself on the concepts of Creation and Destruction and the cyclical events of the Universe.

Kirunism is based on the worship of the so called reverence of the universal aspect of Creation, which is represented by the "Mother", a female figure of life, creation, birth, order and beginning of things. The Kiruni Religion is based on this aspect but sometimes also worships destruction, death, ending and chaos on the male figure called the "Father". This aspect of the existence must be accepted to fully understand the basis of the religion.

The teachings of this religion are based on the idea of creation and birth as oppose to death and destruction and how both are core aspects of the existence.

Everything that is created or birth, heads irrevocably to destruction or death at some point. This applies to anything, from intelligent life to a star or a planet. This aspects are necessary as without destruction life cannot exist. Thus the most revered deity is known as the Mother Universe, the Creator or Giver of Life, as is represented with a femenine figure. Oppose to this is the other deity known as Father Universe, the Destructor or Bringer of Death.

Kirunism is one of the Seven Religions of the Empire of Mankind and it also common or a widespread religion in the Intergalactic Federation. The United Alliance also has a significant amount of followers.

Kiruni Altar

Kirun is the holliest place of the religion and where it was first born and conceived. This means that the world of Kirun is a holly place for many followers of this faith and a pilgrimage destination. Kirunism doesnt not have a unified set of texts but do has the so called teachings of Kirunism that focus on growth of the spirit and soul of the person.

Since every aspect of life, Kirunism focuses on the personal growth and on guiding the person through the stages of their lives. From birth to death, the kirunist religion serves as a guidance to the person to achieve it's best in this live.

Kirunism does believe in the so called destiny of life and purpose. Each individual is birth with one origin, a meaning of some sort. It can be small or it can be large, like the Emperor or a President. Influencing the life of others in a cosmic game of spiritual transcendance.

Due to this, main teachings of this religion are the focus on creation. Innovation, research, progress, art, design etc are encourage. Creating large families with many offspring is also encourage. They are against abortion but for eutanasia. Preservation is considered somehow sinful as nothing can be preserve no matter what. Preservation means stagnation in this religion and thus it is necessary it is meant to be avoidable if posible.


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The origins of the religion began on Kirun, a world settled in the years after the reign of the 12 emperors with torned worlds of the Nobility War. The religion however, remained low key until the expansion of missionaries to foreign planet began. It was then right after the Slave Revolt that the religion began to take form and it wasnt until the Imperial-Unionist War that the religion reached noticable amount of followers. This was due to the fact that the Unionist had their religion to take hold and many on the Imperial side needed a religion to identify themselves with. And thus, it gave rise to the Kiruni Religion which served as an offensive to the Unionist religion.

the Kiruni Religion was brought to the Lewis Federation (later known as the Intergalactic Federation) by war refugees. This religion was present in the formation of the Federation and thus had a big impact in the nation's evolution. It was later as well brought into the United Alliance by settlers and also to the Sionese Republic. However, the Sionese dismiss religion and thus worship remains low-key there.


The Kiruni Religion is base itself on the love of the mother, the concept of creation, birth and life. Thus this aspect of the universe if referred to as a woman.

Those who believe in this religion do considered that terraforming is a way of spreading creation and life. Same goes with having children and creating art or advancements in science. Working hard is also highly viewed as it is the path to achieve something or create something. Focusing on the process, is also important. Creation and life also are substained by order and thus opposed to chaos which is the predecesor to destruction. Thus order and law are highly appreciated as well in the Kiruni Religion. Pacifism is also on the doctrine of the Mother. However, as part of the doctrine of destruction, it is an evil that sometimes is needed.

Main Nations.

Most of this believes exists within the Empire of Mankind and the Intergalactic Federation. In both they are a sizeable percentage of the population even though it's not enough to make the majority. In the United Alliance, this religion is definitely a minority practices by Humans, but humanity, although being the largest race in that nation does not make the majority nor all are believers of Kirunism.

The Planet Kirun, right at the border of the Intergalactic Federation and the Empire is the birthplace of the religion and as such it has been considered a holy sight, technically not belonging to either the Empire nor the Intergalactic Federation being neutral grown. However, it is not a country on it's own as it's controlled by the Emperor and the President at the same time, being a neutral grown for negotiations between both nations.


  • Erinism

This religious current takes much of the original phylosophy of Kirunism with an evolved touch. This religion is dualist and believes in the figure of the Creator, which is neither male nor female and the Dark One, the Void, the Destructor, which is the origin of all bad in this universe. The Creator is a perfect being and were evil and bad things happen, the Creator is absent from there and the presence of the Destructor is present. A battle between two forces. The Creator and the destructor are omnicient and thus people have to be careful to not let the destructor in and let the creator in. The entire phylosophy of the religion spins around trying to avoid as much as posible the presence of the dark one in them and encourage that of the creator.