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The Klakhun are a native species of the planet Klvk, in the Iskadi Galaxy, the closest galaxy to the famous Lewis Galaxy. Due to this, they are located inside and right in the middle of Herschel Space and the . This species is of a secretive nature, not allowing other alien species to enter inside their own space, Known as the Klakhun Nation. They have thus secluded themselves from foreigners in what is known as the "Close Realm of the Klakhun".

They exist and expand only inside the Iskadi Galaxy. They inhabits mostly the central core of the Galaxy. Although commerce exist between them and the other species, entrance of any other species into their space is forbidden. If any ship enters their space, it is immediately shot down. This cause several tension between Aldorians and Humans with the Klakhun, due to different incidents happening in their space. This, and several minor wars have halted Aldorian raids among the Klakhun, although sometimes the Aldorian Assembly of Clans of Clans manages to do some quick unnoticed raids in their space, selling Klakhun slaves to the Aldorian High Kingdom as an expensive luxurious commodity due to their rarity and difficulty to get.

Description and Biology

They have a long body with six limbs, the upper two limbs are used for manual task while the other four limbs are the equivalent of Human legs, use to run and move. Their stand similar to how a cobra will, with head up and half the body up while the rest keeps down. They have a yellowish color full of a hard crush all over the body. Sometimes, as adaptation to their habitat, they can appear as brown or greenish (mostly those living in Jungles).

They have four eyes (two visible at the front and two hidden eyes in the back, that they open just in case of high alert of unconsciously in their sleep) and a long mouth full of sharp teeth. This is due to their evolution as predators in their homeworld. Their eyes can see UV light (apparently an adaptation to hunt preys in the dark). Their hard skin makes them very resistant to radiation to which they have some special immunity.


During mating season, they become more pinkish and orange to show their mating status and how they are ready to reproduce.This season is short and they lay a couple eggs, who become very small snake like creatures, eating and developing rapidly under nourishment and protection of their parents. Soon, they pupate and transform into adults after a chrysalide period.


In war time, they acquire a red tone and their body becomes covered with a thick layer or hard crush of some creatine material. They also become bigger and more intimidating. Their behaviour is also more aggressive. Sometimes they can adopt this form as a sign of stress.


Not much is known about Klakhun society. Apparently they have some sort of leader, and seem to be communal and very protective of their worlds and offspring, but not much more is known. They have no religion, although they seem to praise the Sun and Stars very much (apparently as a remnant of an old religion), saying that when one of theirs die, a new sun is born somewhere in the Universe, shining and containing the soul of a Klakhun.

They distrust aliens very much, and have close borders to any other Alien species, refusing to interact with them. They, however also seem to expand slowly and carefully. Only some border trade outpost exist, and commerce is done quickly and without sharing much of a word. They come, do the business and leave as soon as they can.

They had several minor wars with the Aldorians, managing to keep them out of their territories. War seems an important part of their culture, and they change considerably for war, becoming red. Apparently, during war, their entire nation changes completely, acting as a huge gang whose only goal is protecting what's theirs.


They live inside the core of the Iskadi Galaxy, and expand over a hundred planets and several thousand systems. Klvk is highly fortified and very very few foreigners have ever had a chance to see the planet (usually just as prisoners or prior to their execution).

Those who survived said the major cities have golden pyramid like structures and stand on yellow high grass savannahs and that some humid jungles and forest exist as well. Also they have a somehow much more advance technology than previously thought. It has been speculated they had adquire it from a previous civilization (Maybe the Axons or the Telusians, or even an unknown civilization living in the core of Iskadi). For unknown reasons they prefer to expand slowly and keep themselves isolated. The fate of minor intelligent species (if any) encountered inside their space is unknown.