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"Standing on the bridge of my ship that day is where I first truly felt at ease, at peace. As war raged around me, the beautiful chaos became apparent. Those creatures falling before the ruthless attacks and precision I ordered was nothing short of bliss. What can compare to being immersed in the glory of the battlefield?" -Klein Vay, 20,811 CE

Klein Vay (March 1st, 18,821 - Unknown) was a Human political leader, military general, statesman, and the first Chancellor of Sagittarium. Before this, he was a prominent general in the Vaplein Republic. Many consider Vay to be the "father of Sagittarium" for his successful coup against the Republic in 21,677 CE.

While he was Chancellor, he presided over Sagittarium at its relative most powerful. At his command, Sagittarium began to fully utilize its position in the core of Via Aylathiya. He was by no means the most authoritarian leader of Sagittarium, but his rule was still most certainly authoritarian. He personally ordered the execution of thousands of individuals; firmly maintained the nation as "human in culture, tradition, and population;" and was no stranger to the manipulation of the population on grand scales.

Vay voiced open support of the ideology of Neo-Terranism, also commonly known as "Human Supremacy." While not as radical as many other leaders in the galaxy, his policies saw the enslavement of quadrillions of non-humans to be used in the military. These non-humans were expected to be assimilated into human culture and were capable of buying their freedom after several decades. Compared to a large portion of the galaxy at the time, this was fairly progressive (which puts into perspective the rampant racism plaguing the galaxy during his rule.) Despite this, billions of monuments and statues exist of Vay throughout the core of Via Aylathiya. Various images of Vay exist on physical coins issued by Sagittarium.

Vay's date of death is entirely unknown. His purported date of death is 23,434 CE, giving him a lifetime 4612 years in length, an impossible lifespan with technology at the time. This lifetime, four times even the modern average lifespan, was likely mostly spent as a being known as a Thalian, or android. Thalians are immortal, leading many historians to suspect this Thalian theory. While theoretically possible for Vay to have lived that long, it is equally likely that the government of Sagittarium used a simulacrum of Vay to maintain national unity. Even so, since no direct evidence exists either way, textbooks and accounts of Vay assume he was always Human.

Early Life

Klein Vay was born on the planet Sekhmet in 18,821 CE when the planet was a relatively minor mining outpost, not the ecumenopolis it is today. At the time, Sekhmet was under the control of the Vaplein Republic. Vay's parents were both drafted and subsequently killed fighting Beatrix as it attacked the Republic. While the Vaplein republic did manage to stave off Beatrix's forces, there was a severe increase in orphans, prompting the government to create large numbers of androids to raise them. The poorly funded program saw one android assigned to dozens of children. Vay was raised under the care of one such of these androids.

Upon becoming an adult, Vay attended a regular university. Various scouting algorithms almost immediately flagged him as having great potential in the field of command. In need of new generals, the Vaplein government had him immediately transferred to the First Military University of Thalia. He graduated top of his class at the university. Consequently, he quickly earned a fairly high military position early in his career.

Military Career

The warlike nature of the Vaplein Republic leant to an active military career for Vay. From the moment he graduated, he was dispatched to a large number of places and served in a large number of campaigns. He soon earned a name for himself after overseeing the conquest of several smaller nations near to the Republic.

He first became truly popular when the Great Empyreal Crusade broke out. When Empyros began its invasion of the entirety of Via Aylathiya, the Vaplein Republic was one of the first targets. Vay was key in numerous battles in the war, often in parts of the galaxy far from his home-nation. He became an invaluable part of the war effort of not just the Vaplein Republic, but numerous other nations allied to it. He saw the most action in the region that would later become known as Martial Space.

In the region, he spent most of his time defending various megastructures that, if lost, would mean Empyreal victory in not only the region, but the entire galaxy. Towards the end of the war, Vay had been named "Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Via Aylathiya," essentially making him a household name. When the capital of Empyros, Alphos, was finally captured, Vay and a large number of other generals and politicians came together to decide how to partition and reorganize Empyros. After the meeting, he oversaw the reconstruction of large parts of the galaxy, especially in Martial Space.

Upon coming home, he was tremendously popular. He was a symbol of victory over Empyros and solidarity with the international community. While other generals were undoubtedly popular as well, none quite had the achievements of Vay.

Early Political Career

Vay first ran for the office of Chancellor in 20,908 CE. He spoke a populist message based on international cooperation (with other human nations), individual rights, reform of the corrupt government, and the allocation of resources to infrastructure rather than the vanity projects the Vaplein government tended to take part in. The official results came back as an overwhelming defeat for Vay who lost to the sitting Chancellor at the time, Uriel Ibrahim. The government, sensing strife, had Vay exiled to Drusidia, the nation he helped to build after the Great Empyreal Crusade.

The emperor of Drusidia at the time, Jayvyn Drusus, welcomed Vay with open arms. There, he and the emperor forged a deep bond. He also created ties to the Tenshi, given Tenshi's closeness to Drusidia at the time. He eventually came to an agreement between him and the Drusidian emperor. Vay returned to Sagittarium later that year, not alone, but with a fleet of advanced starships supporting him. He timed his return with one of the many wars the Vaplein Republic has fought in, meaning that the military assets of the nation were spread out. His fleet met with another from Tenshi and began an attack on the capital world, Thalia. While there were a fairly large number of ships guarding it, their pilots refused to fire upon Vay's fleet. Vay entered the capital building and personally shot the acting Chancellor. Sitting in the Chancellor's office, Vay gave a speech proclaiming his return. In the exact same speech he declared that "democracy was a form of government that was intrinsically flawed," giving him justification for taking the position of Chancellor for life.


Vay's popularity lent to a general acceptance of the takeover, especially due to the incredibly unpopular republic system. Vay had complete control over the military and had what was essentially absolute power. His first act, in 21,677 CE, as chancellor was to end the war that the Republic was fighting. His second act was to rename the Vaplein Republic into "Sagittarium." The word, in an ancient Human language, originally meant some kind of weapon, but later came to mean the military itself. Sagittarium was a nation based on its military strength.

The Vaplein Republic was unable to function in the new intergalactic community. Its warmongering nature and rampant isolationism held it back from its full potential. Despite the name, Vay immediately ended these two traits and instead focused on strengthening relations with nearby nations. He opened trade between Sagittarium, Tenshi, and Drusidia, greatly improving the economy.

A freed up budget allowed for Vay to begin fully utilizing the resources of Sagittarium. Construction quickly began on power-generators orbiting black holes across the region, greatly increasing the power output of the nation. It went from a backwater to the premier economy of the core. Using this new energy, Vay purchased large numbers of space craft from nations such as Erstes Konsortium and the Un'oit Collective. Using these craft, Vay lead Sagittarium into a series of victories securing dominance over any dissenting internal parties or organizations. Sagittarium established colonies in Florathel, parts of Herschel Space, and across parts of Via Aylathiya well outside of the core.

In an engagement with a species known as The Pestilence, the organisms overran Vay's ship, killing him in 23,434 CE. This was during a campaign against Sagittarium's future colonies. It is unknown why the government, if Vay were truly an android, would not simply restore him. Vay's successor would be Veselko Abedayo.