"Standing on the bridge of my ship that day is where I first truly felt at ease, at peace. As war raged around me, the beautiful chaos became apparent. Those creatures falling before the ruthless attacks and precision I ordered was nothing short of bliss. What can compare to being immersed in the glory of the battlefield?" -Klein Vay, 19811 after a battle against The Empyrean.

Klein Vay (March 1st, 18,821 - February 28th, 31,434) was a Human political leader, military general, statesman, one of the Founders of Sagittarium, and the first Chancellor of Sagittarium from 20,650 to 31,434. Before this, he was a prominent general in the Republic of Vaplein. His rank in the Founder's Council, the highest power controlling the early Sagittarium, was "A." Vay is considered by many to be the "Father of Sagittarium."

While he was Chancellor, he presided over Sagittarium at its relative most powerful. At his command, Nocturne began to be fully utilized as a power source. He was by no means the most authoritarian leader of Sagittarium, but his rule was still most certainly Authoritarian in nature. He personally ordered the execution of thousands of individuals; firmly maintained the nation as "human in culture, tradition, and population;" and was no stranger to the manipulation of the population en masse.

Vay voiced open support of the ideology of Neo-Terranism, also commonly known as "Human Supremacy." While not as radical as many other leaders in the galaxy, his policies saw the enslavement of quadrillions of nonhumans to be used in the military. These nonhumans were expected to be assimilated into human culture and were capable of buying their freedom after several decades. Compared to a large portion of the galaxy at the time, this was fairly egalitarian (which puts into perspective the rampant racism plaguing the galaxy during his rule.) Despite this, billions of monuments and statues exist of Vay throughout the core of the Via Sagittaria. Various images of Vay exist on physical coins issued by Sagittarium.

Early Life


On the last day of this meeting, there was still no consensus. A decision was not even close to being made. Vay had not spoken a single word the entire time; he merely observed and weighed the issues silently. As the time of the meeting drew to a close and a vote to extend it was put in place, Vay stood and walked to the center of the room. He spoke:

"I have weighed all the options. I came to the conclusion that they are all the same proposal. They all involve sacrificing the lives of many to achieve some minor goal, weakening ourselves to the point of being easily conquered by some warlord. We, as the most powerful armed force in the galaxy, should not flee like cowards to some far location either. The only option is to take the most valuable object in the galaxy. I will be taking my soldiers to the center of the galaxy to colonize Nocturne. You can join me if you so choose."

After saying these words, he promptly left the room and immediately ordered an aid to tell the troops to begin the process of refitting war ships to generation ark-ships. The rest of leaders at the meeting were at a loss for words. Argument broke out among them as they argued the merit of Vay's point. A fairly small portion, however, left. This portion understood Vay's authority and followed him out of the room. From afar, Vay looked as they exited. These were the select few among the generals capable of understanding his reasoning while also understanding their place. He numbered them as they left. Starting with "B" based on how loyal they were to him. He ended at "IU," 255 in base ten. These select individuals would go on to form the Founder's Council.

Vay had thousands of his ships converted into generation ships. They were slowly packed to the brim with those loyal to Vay. There was simply not enough room to provide for these people for the whole 200 year journey, so they were cryogenically frozen. After a decade of preparation, Vay had the ships travel to Nocturne itself. He was appointed Chancellor in in a small ceremony attended by those of the Founder's Council and his personal guard.

During the whole 200 years of the journey, Vay remained awake. He refused to become frozen and potentially allow his plans to be derailed. He would often spend days staring at his goal, Nocturne. When they finally got to the center, they first landed on Thalia. Being the famous general he was, the fragment of the military on the planet immediately allowed his fleet to land. He personally informed the base commander of the collapse of the Yohjan Confederacy, while promptly adding that he was now in control. He added this commander to the Founder's Council with rank "IV" bringing the number of members to 256.

While the base on Thalia was slowly built up to accommodate the billions of individuals on the generation ships, Vay took a trip to the central black hole itself. His ship moved as close as safely possible to the object. He spent over hours at a time enthralled with the body. In total, he was orbiting the object for over one month. Satisfied, he left the body and returned to Thalia.

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