The Ko'rr are an early type one species of humanoid feline organisms native to planet Ri'Vanni in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy that existed from 19,800 BCE to the present year.


The Ko'rr at first glance may seem to be an unimpressive species, thanks to them barely escaping their home world, bogged down by thousands of years of religious oppression, fighting amongst themselves for all of their recorded history, as well as several other factors. The truth however, would be that they would serve as the lineage of a once extremely powerful space faring species that held control over many worlds of the Ambrosia Galaxy after the Etymology's famous destruction. These aforementioned beings would be known as the Katya, and they would be spread far and wide across the galaxy's regions.

Their history is colored by constant conflict and strife over the northern most ice cap of their respective home planet of Ri'Vanni, an area that holds major significance in all aspects of Ko'rr culture and society. In fact; each and every single major event in their history before their integration into the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems had something to do with the ice cap.

This existence would be forcefully interrupted by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, when they discovered the species in 10,489 CE, being one of the few intelligent species being annexed in the Ambrosia Alliance rather than being offered to join. The reason for this is due to the personal views of the two leaders of the respective species that formed the original Ambrosia Alliance, feeling that it was affront against the common decency of intelligent life, in blatant violation of the:"Contact Directive" they are legally forced to operate under.

Because of this, and the odd cultish nature they operate with, many of the other intelligent species of the Ambrosia Alliance treat the Ko'rr with disdain, a practice that is unfortunately extremely common across Ambrosia Alliance controlled worlds.


The Ko'rr's physical appearance very much resembles the: Felis catus × Prionailurus bengalensis, or: "Bengal" breed of house cat native to planet Earth. Their bodies are covered in a thick layer of skin, with thousands of strains of fur across it. Their fur universally has a white-coloring across the entire species. This is due to the low light that their parent planet of Ri'Vanni receives from its parent star.

They have four limbs like most humanoid species, having two arms and two legs. As well, they have a long ringtail located on their posterior. These tails assist them with balance, making it extremely difficult for one to be knocked over. It's also used to attract a mate, with thicker and bushier tails being desired over thin ones. They are also white in color.

On each of their paws they have five toes each, equaling eighteen toes in total, helping the Ko'rr climb on nearly any surface. On each toe they have long, extremely sharp claws. Allowing an individual Ko'rr to strike up to forty thousand PSI, easily breaking steel. The reason for this would be that the keratin making up the claws is extremely durable, with a tensile strength of around six hundred megapascals, leaving them almost impossible to beat in hand to hand combat for many other intelligent species. In fact; the Ko'rr rely on physical combat more often then using other methods. This is the most prominent resemblance they have to their ancestor species.

They are very short in stature, only standing at an average height of around four feet tall. However, though being short, their legs are extremely powerful, allowing the Ko'rr to run at speeds up to a hundred kilometers an hour, as well as allowing them to leap extremely high, jumping up to forty eight feet high in the air.

On their faces they have two front facing eyes, a front facing nose, and whiskers on their cheeks. At the top of their heads, they have two ears sticking upwards. Their eyes are very adaptive to both high, and low-light environments, with them being able to see at practical ultraviolet levels. As well, they have a sight range of up to forty three feet, with a full two hundred and forty degree radius. While they can smell specifically targeted objects or individuals up to three kilometers out, allowing them to locate things very easily. However they are practically deaf compared to other humanoid species, with them ignoring sounds that would normally be extremely loud to others. Their whiskers also assist them in balancing.

Their diet is exclusively made up of both the solid matter, and the liquid produced by the endless giant fungi native to their home planet of Ri'Vanni. This prevented them from expanding too far from their home planet, only having permanent colonies on Ri'Vanni's moon of, Thi'Vanni. After they joined the Ambrosia Alliance, they were able to import food from Ri'Vanni, as well as growing it on various other worlds.

Both male and female Ko'rr are easy to tell apart, with males normally having a bulkier builds, with larger arms and usually standing slightly taller. While females have a more slender figure, and are usually shorter. As well, males will typically have larger whiskers compared to females, while females will have longer tongues then the former.

The Ko'rr speak in exclusively through vocalization, more commonly refereed to as: "Meowing" by others, with the tone in which the vocalize depending the emotion the Ko'rr is feeling at the time. This may lead one to think that this makes it difficult for other intelligent species to communicate with Ko'rr, but the emotion they're trying to convey is very easy to figure out using simple understanding.

Culture and Government

Before their joining, each Ko'rr would be a member of three factions that constantly competed for control of the holy walled city around Ri'vanni's ice cap known as: "Murum." Each of these four factions has their own ideals and cultures. However one constant that remains true among all of them is that they are all based around Ri'Vanni's northern ice cap.

As well, each faction respected a Ko'rrian holiday known as: "Ashnhana." This holiday is only celebrated every fifty standard years and occurs on December fifteenth (standard calendar). During Ashnhana, the respective faction that held control over Murum would relinquish control, and return to their former city they abandoned to occupy the holy city. Afterwards, the war for Murum would begin again in earnest. Though the faction holding control of the city could be overthrown at any time, this was the maximum time allowed for a single faction that could hold control over the ice cap.

The following are the three factions that all Ko'rr fell under:


Ko'rr that fall under the Qa'hni are much more theocratic compared to the other three groups. As such, every and all aspects of both their government and culture fall under the faith of the ice cap, believing that the: "Life-Giving" ice guides all aspects of their lives and the universe at large.

They are also much more zealotris over control of Murum, often times ignoring Ashnhana until' the very last moment where they are obligated to relinquish control. And once they hold control over the ice cap, they are extremely protective of it. Not allowing any Ko'rr outside of the Qa'Hni nobility to even look upon it.

Their leaders are referred to as: "The Cold's Chosen" In reference to the belief that all Qa'Hni nobility are all preordained by the ice cap to hold control over the Ko'rr people. And as such, they are viewed with divine reverence to those in the lower castes, to the point of holding them near the level of the ice cap itself.

Though they would like to claim so, they hold control over Murum the least compared to the other three factions, as their military technology is the weakest thanks to thousands of years of religious oppression, still fighting with technology similar to humans circa: 1928 CE.


Qa'ari Ko'rr are by far the most open-minded of Ko'rr. Though they still hold their strange beliefs about Ri'Vanni's ice cap, they allow a lot more freedoms for the various Ko'rr under their rule. This included more freedom on how an individual Ko'rr views the ice cap (though they are disallowed to view it as any less then divine) as well as more freedom of speech, and freedom of relationship(s). This has led to more strict factions to view the Qa'ari with disdain, seeing them as heretics.

Whenever they held control over Murum, they would allow other Ko'rr from different factions to freely enter and spend time around the ice cap, making other factions not feel as aggressive towards them while they held control, but would not hesitate to destroy them if the chance arised.

Unlike other Ko'rr factions, their leaders are elected through public vote, making them a true democracy. Their leaders were referred to as: "The Cold's True Caretaker" by the general Qa'ari populace since they viewed it as they wouldn't be elected if they were not as such.

They were by far the most technological impressive nation of the Ko'rr, with them possessing technology comparable to human technology circa: 2030 CE, though this would be seen as prehistoric to many species today. The reason for this is due to their more open nature to independent ideas, allowing more technological minds to shine. Though they held a more impressive technological leap, their military would be the smallest out of the three.


The Qa'vari are by far are the most hostile of all Ko'rr. They are a rigid warrior people, who believe sending as many rival Ko'rr to their deaths as their holy birthright, as they felt that they were sending them to what they called: "The Eternal Cold" and they needed to send as many as they could before they too would join them.

If they ever held control of the city of Murum, they would commit mass executions of those who held control of the city before them, rather then allowing them to surrender. As well, they would execute any other members of the three respective factions wishing to see the ice cap.

Their leaders are those who have proved their metal throughout the countless conflicts the three nations constantly embroiled themselves in, leading to the leaders being exclusively made up of either great generals, or stand out soldiers.

Though not being the worst off in terms of technology, they didn't have much technology to write home about. Only having technology very similar to humans circa: 1969 CE. However, they by far had the largest military out of the three.

They were the only faction that the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems dismantled in its entirety, feeling that they were an abomination towards the common decency of intelligent life. As well as incarcerating all who shared pro Qa'vari sentiments.

After the Ko'rr joined the Ambrosia Alliance, the remaining two factions, as well as the larger culture and faith they all shared sort of fell by the wayside, especially since the Ko'rr would be spread far and wide across many different worlds, causing most Ko'rr today to be completely unaware of their entire history and the respective area all Ko'rr once held sacred.

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