Kogaion (RS8474-694-7-16434-83 A4.1 in Space Engine,a temperate E-class world, is moon of Zalmoxes and the first human colony to be established in Zagrei System.


Physical and orbital characteristics 

Kogaion orbits its parent in 27h10m22s.35 with a eccentricity of 0.004 and an inclination of inclination of -0°41'36''.76. Like other major moons it's tidally locked to its parent. It is low gravity world (0.47355 g) with a mass of 0.11965 M⊕  and a radius of 0.50266 R⊕. With of an ESI of 0.869 is more Earth-like than its parent which have an ESI of 0.838. Chemical composition of Kogaion is very similar to that of Earth.


With an axial tilt of only 0°20'27''.08, there are no discernible seasons. Kogaion is a little warmer than its parent, average surface being 13.768°C. Temperature can get so high as 32°C and so low as -42°C.


Before terraforming, Kogaion had a thick (1.74 atm) and tall (129.4 km) atmosphere composed of 65.7 % carbon dioxide, 34.3 % sulfur dioxide and traces of argon and krypton. Now after terraforming the atmospheric has changed to 44.88 % nitrogen, 42.518 % neon,12.04 % oxygen, 0.54 % Ar,0.022 carbon dioxide.


Kogaion was the first world in Zagrei to be colonized and terraformed by humans beginning in 3090. In the process of terraforming this world nuclear fusion was used to create large amounts of carbon-15 and fluorine-20 which have disintegrated very quick to nitrogen-15 and neon-20, oxygen was created and fixated by orbital airstrikes and genetically modified bacteria.


500 millions humans call Kogaion home in 22,058, majority of them belonging to Romance (42 %), Hellenic (32) and Altaic (25.8 %) language families of old Earth. Like zalmoxians, the majority of people practice Neo-Pagan polytheistic (95 %) religions, the rest being Christians (3.75 %) and Buddhist (1.25 %).

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