The Koltride is a vast gelatinous artificial superoorganism created by the Etymology that covers the planet Koltris in the Ambrosia Galaxy.


The Koltride (nicknamed The Living Ocean) is pretty much a living, amorphous ocean and is a very unique lifeform, being one of the few world spanning organisms ever encountered. It is estimated to weigh several hundred billion metric tons.

It has a confusing biology as it seems to be entirely gelatinous, with no visible organs or nervous system, not even anything swimming inside it although it does possess a semi-organic matrix of some sort which looks to be artificial. It is also unknown how the Koltride feeds (if at all) as no known method has been found thus far.

Despite being a world spanning gelatinous mass, the Koltride does seem to have a degree of intelligence as it has shown curiosity towards Humans. For example, it is able to create shapes such as arches, pillars, and cones although they don't last for long as it typically retracts them a few minutes or so later. It is unknown why it creates them, theories say that it might be demonstrating its abilities or trying to practice creating larger structures.


The Department of Etymology Technological Research has stationed some Human and Ugnara scientists inside a lab on a small island to study and learn more about the Koltride. When exiting the lab, researchers wear suits to protect them from the planet's poisonous atmosphere.

It has had a few interactions with the Human and Ugnara researchers studying it. The interactions are listed below in numbers.

Interaction-1: Human scientist Orsa Rein was walking near the edge of the island attempting to take a sample of the Koltride when it reached out a small arm-like appendage and gently placed it on her leg. While she wanted to immediately run away, she felt like it was no threat to her. And she was right, the Koltride retracted it shortly after. When asked about the experience, Orsa described it as surprisingly pleasant, thinking the Koltride as merely being curious about us. This also lead to speculation that the Koltride can sense vibrations, which would explain how it detected Orsa.

Interaction-2: This time, things got even more interesting. Ray Lori, another Human scientist, decided to go and see if the Koltride would interact the same way with him as it did with Orsa. After approaching it, the Koltride suddenly grabbed him by the legs and quickly pulled him in, seeming to absorb Ray into it. This left the other researchers shocked until moments later when it "spat" him out. Ray started to run back until noticing something rising up from it. He and the other scientists watching from the camera stared in disbelief a humanoid shape emerge from the Koltride. The humanoid form was made out of the Koltride and was featureless, having no face or any other feature of the like. It then started to walk from out of the sea onto land, still being attached to the Koltride. Ray cautiously approached the form, despite being told not to by the other scientists. The humanoid shape sank back into the Koltride after Ray got near it. It is believed that when the Koltride pulled in Ray, it wasn't trying to consume him but rather analyse his shape so it could create a similar form.

Interaction 3: Probably the most innocent of them all. This one began when one of the Ugnara scientists poked a metallic pole into the Koltride to see how it would react to objects. Surprisingly enough, it absorbed the pole and started tossing it around, almost like it was playing with it. It returned the pole later by throwing it back onto the shore. The Ugnara tossed the pole back in and the Koltride started playing with it again, returning it later. Learning that the Koltride seems to be playful, scientists regularly toss the pole into the Koltride, sort of like a game of fetch

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The exact date and time of its creation is not known although it is thought to be around 3,340,160,000 BCE. It is unknown how it was created or how it came to encompass its entire planet. Mystara would commonly visit the Koltrie, as she did with her many other creations, studying and interacting with it.

For thousands of years it presumably remained alone, untouched by anyone it was soon discovered by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in 12,974 CE, now being studied by the Department of Etymology Technological Research.

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