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Koltris is an oceanic planet in the Realm of Resonance of the Ambrosia Galaxy, home to the mysterious Koltride.

Basic Overview

The planet is quite famous among The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems due to being home of the Koltride, a world-spanning amorphous lifeform, created by The Etymology.

The planet features a dark black ring, made of dust, even standing out when viewed from space. Aside from the Koltride, there isn't anything of much interest here as there are no major continents except a small island where the Koltride is studied.

There doesn't seem to be any form of animal life on Koltris, as nothing has been observed swimming in the Koltride.


Koltris formed in a stellar disk of gas and dust that surrounded Zyxari during its infancy. The remaining dust surrounded the planet, forming a ring.

Koltris was orginally a desert world, devoid of life and water until The Etymology discovered it, Mystara using the planet as the place to create and experiment on the Koltride.

The Koltride eventually grew, encompassing its entire planet, essentially becoming a living ocean. It is currently unknown how it was created or how it feeds.

Koltris and its black rings against Ambrosian space.