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The Kommador System is an extremely fortified system located near the Gevirin Complex, in the Miraban Association, and close to Risial. The system is so heavily modified and shielded from the rest of the galaxy that from Risial, its apparent magnitude becomes +25. The central star, which holds the system together, is Kommador, an extremely old and cool white dwarf (spectral type DB14) with a temperature barely above 3,000 K, and is one of coolest white dwarfs in the association. The system is home to 3 planets, all of which have been extensively mined. The system is also home to very large megastructures, including a somehow operational Nicoll-Dyson Beam.


As the system is very old, its metallicity is very low, and so not many planets formed. The planets that did form around the star should have low metal contents, but this isn't what has been observed. Instead, they have extremely high metal contents, higher than most planets, which has allowed for extensive mining of rare and important elements.