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"Verpletter can tear itself apart for all I care. As long as me and the lads get paid, we're happy."
-Konrad Sicallion

Konrad Sicallion is an infamous mercenary, arms dealer, and all-around scoundrel known throughout Verpletter region and beyond.  The leader of the infamous Golden Hand Syndicate, Konrad leads his forces out into the black void of space in search of fame and fortune.  Whether by selling his services to the myriad factions across Verpletter or by heading his own raids, Konrad always has his eye on profit.

Originally a nameless drifter on the world of Vesroth, Konrad seized control of the one of the planet’s warring clans, eventually working his way up until he ruled the entire world.  However, taking over Vesroth was not enough for Konrad.  He pondered where he would go next, before his scouts detected a derelict space station in orbit above the planet.  This station was originally a military base, built during one of the many wars across Verpletter’s long history.  Seeing an opportunity, Konrad ordered his troops to fix up the station, outfitting it with everything he and his soldiers would need.

When construction was complete, Konrad christened the station “Gyldinhal” and declared that it would be the clan’s new home.  Eventually, the Gyldinhal was buzzing with new life and ships would be built in order to scout for new regions of space to plunder.  When the scouting ships returned, they came bearing news of the many wars going on all over the galaxy.  Konrad then called his highest ranking soldiers to order and debated on what they should do about this.  Should they pick a side?  Should they stay on Vesroth?  They debated amongst each other for hours before they eventually came to a revelation.  Some of these factions were in dire need of assistance, assistance they would pay for handsomely.

Realizing the potential fortune to be made doing mercenary work, Konrad set about turning his rag-tag army into a force to be reckoned with and began work on constructing a fleet.  Once the fleet was completed, the Syndicate set out into the void, on the trail of their next big payday.


A War-Torn World

No one can recall when Konrad first showed up in Verpletter.  Much of what is thought to be known about his early history comes mostly from folk stories told across the galaxy.  However, information gathered from these stories, as well as from those who have spoken with Konrad, allows for a somewhat clear picture of his past.  Supposedly, Konrad was first sighted in Verpletter on the planet of Vesroth, a barren, sparsely populated world within the Karuva Nebula known for its petty warlords constantly vying for supremacy.  One particular warlord was known as Gaur the Tyrannical, who ruled the clan known as the Bloody Hands.

The Bloody Hands were infamous across Vesroth for their ferocious savagery in battle.  However, they lacked any proper cohesive battle strategies, which meant that they were often defeated by the other clans on the planet.  Gaur was in need of a new plan, and fast.  The Bloody Hands were losing territory at an ever increasing rate to the other warlords, and if they did not act soon, their main stronghold would come under attack.

One fateful day, however, a man walked up to Gaur’s fortress and asked to be let in.  Normally, an act so foolish would have cost someone their life, but Gaur was curious, so he ordered the man be allowed in unharmed.  Walking out to meet the stranger, Gaur instantly noticed the strange device the man was carrying.  Upon closer inspection, Gaur realized that the device was a portable plasma generator, an extremely rare machine on Vesroth.

Gaur was in complete and total shock.  The only people on Vesroth known to have plasma generators were the Black Marauders, a clan located in the ash wastes to the north.  The Marauders were one of the most powerful clans on the entire planet, with access to technology far more advanced than what most of the other clans were capable of producing.  They were also known for having heavily defended bases that were nigh-on impossible to break into.

Gaur, sensing an opportunity, immediately demanded the stranger tell him how he got the generator.  The man explained that he disguised himself as one of the Marauders, snuck into one of their bases late one night, and stole the generator from their main storehouse.  Normally, Gaur would have killed the man and taken the generator for himself, but he was desperate for help, so he asked the man if he wanted to work for him.  The man agreed, in exchange for a share of the spoils looted from any camp the Bloody Hands raided.  

Gaur agreed, and asked the man what his name was.  The man paused for a moment, before explaining that he had no name.  Gaur then thought to himself for a moment, before eyeing the generator in his hands again.  He noticed a name on it, “Constructed by: Konrad Sicallion”.  He then suggested the man take that name, since the owner wouldn’t be needing it anymore.  The stranger paused for a moment, before deciding that the name suited him.  The two then shook hands and the deal was made.

The Conquest of Vesroth

After Konrad’s recruitment into the Bloody Hands, Gaur ordered him to devise a strategy in order to take out a Marauder supply caravan that was travelling nearby.  Konrad was sent out as part of a scouting party in order to determine how to best attack it.  While spying on the Marauders, Konrad noticed that the vehicles the Marauders brought to defend the caravan were powered by plasma-based energy cells.  Cells that, if ruptured, would trigger a massive chain reaction, causing the vehicle to explode.

Seeing the perfect chance for a surprise attack, Konrad gathered the soldiers at his disposal and laid out his plan.  The Hands would sneak into the enemy camp while they slept at night.  Next, they would cut open the armored casings on the backs of the vehicles to expose the now-vulnerable energy cells.  Then, they would plant explosives on the cells.  Finally, they would run for cover, trigger the detonation via remote, and watch the chaos unfold.

The Hands were in agreement with the plan, and now all they had to do was wait for night to come.  When dusk came,  the Hands crept silently into the Marauder camp, cut their way to the energy cells, and planted the bombs.  When all was said and done, they ran for cover and set off the explosives.  In an instant, the Marauders’ vehicles went up in plasmatic flames causing chaos among the defenders.  They barely had time to react as the Hands rushed out and hacked them to pieces.

With the Marauders dead, the Hands revelled in glory at their first major victory in a long time.  As a reward, they let Konrad have the first pick of the loot.  Scanning his eyes over the objects looted from the caravan, Konrad’s eyes fell upon a heavily reinforced supply crate.  Upon opening the crate, he discovered a suit of power armor, one that appeared to come from off-world.  Konrad chose this as his prize, wearing the armor in every subsequent raid afterwards.

With Konrad’s strategies, the Hands were able to beat back the Marauders in battle after battle, pushing them back until they reached the main Marauder stronghold.  The fortress was monumental, towering above the ash wastes and bristling with defensive emplacements.  Charging it head-on would be suicide.  However, the Hands simply dug a tunnel under the fortress, bursting out of the ground in a mining vehicle they stole in a previous raid.  With Gaur at the head, they burst out of the vehicle in a whirlwind of death, hacking apart the frightened defenders with their melee weapons.  Eventually, they cut their way to the stronghold’s command center, where they found the Marauders’ leader, Shalax Ironhand.  Seeing a challenge, Gaur challenged Shalax to a duel.  With no other options left before him, Shalax agreed, and the two locked blades.

The duel lasted for a long time, with neither Gaur nor Shalax willing to back down.  Eventually, Gaur got in a lucky strike with his blade, striking Shalax right in the side.  The Marauder cried out in pain, pushing Gaur away and collapsing on his knees.  However, as Gaur hefted his blade to cut off Shalax’s head, a plasma bolt flew across the room and struck Gaur right in the back of the head, causing it to explode.  As Gaur’s lifeless body crumpled to the ground, Shalax looked up to see Konrad, the barrel of his plasma pistol still smoking.

Utterly stunned, Shalax asked Konrad why he saved his life.  Konrad smiled, and explained that he had greater plans.  Under his rule, he would unite the warring clans of Vesroth, ending the constant state of war.  He also killed Gaur because he would have been too much of a liability in the future.  Konrad then extended his and asked Shalax to serve as his second-in-command, promising great rewards to the Marauder.  As much as Shalax hated serving other people, he didn’t really have any other options.  Shaking Konrad’s hand, Shalax pledged his service to the Bloody Hands.

Bringing the Marauders into the service of the Hands, Konrad was now in control of the largest clan on the planet.  Soon after, he led the Hands to victory after victory, crushing all clans who opposed him and absorbing the ones who pledged loyalty.  When the dust on the planet finally cleared, only the Bloody Hands remained.  Konrad’s quest was complete, Vesroth was now his.

The Stars Beyond

With all of Vesroth now under the Bloody Hands' rule, they rejoiced in their newfound conquest. They threw a week-long party at their stronghold to celebrate the victory. However, Konrad was strangely missing from the festivities. Shalax searched for their absent leader before finding him out on the balcony with a somber look on his face.

Fortune and Infamy






Equipment & Powers/Abilities


Over the course of his career, Konrad has amassed an enormous quantity of weapons, from the mundane to the fantastical.  However, there are a few weapons that he tends to be seen with most often.

  • Złota Klatka - Taken by Konrad during his first raid and heavily modified over the years, the Złota Klatka is a highly advanced suit of power armor.  It is made out of arauzite and richly gilded, along with having a pair of built-in energy claws called the Glittering Talons.
  • The Hellraiser - This experimental weapon was stolen from a secret R&D facility during one of Konrad’s most famous raids.  It fires a red-and-black beam of highly-energized dark matter that tears apart the molecular structure of whatever it hits, reducing it to dust.  It earned its name due to the hellish screeching sound it makes when fired.
  • Whisper - Konrad's custom-built plasma pistol comes with special noise dampeners built into the barrel, allowing it to fire off plasma bolts in near-total silence.
  • Haywire Grenades - At first glance, these devices appear to be ordinary hand grenades.  However, upon detonation, the grenade will unleash a large electromagnetic pulse in a wide area, frying the electronics of whatever happens to be in the blast radius.


While Konrad does not possess any thaumaturgical or other supernatural abilities, he makes up for it by being skilled in other fields.

  • Skilled Combatant - Despite having an army of mercenaries to throw at his enemies, Konrad often takes to the battlefield himself, and is by no means a pushover.
  • Tactical Genius - After honing his abilities by leading raids on Vesroth, Konrad now possesses an exceptional tactical acumen on par with the most skilled military leaders.
  • Natural Charisma - Negotiating a deal is no easy task, especially among hardened criminals.  However, Konrad knows his way among both the scum of Verpletter and the higher ups of the galaxy’s various governments.