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The Koor, are a native species of the Planet K'stoor, known as Koris by Aldorians. They are native to the Lewis Galaxy. Before the conquest, they lived in their homeworld in a stage of development similar to the Middle Ages, with several small nation-states and city-states, led by a hierarchical society and loaded with, from time to time, intense fighting between themselves.

The Aldorians of the High Kingdom arrived in the System and invaded the planet, enslaving most of the population and taking it to other worlds as slave force. In this time, the total Koor population in slavery, reached 95%. Still, when the slaves were taken massively to other worlds of the Aldorian High Kingdom or either sold to other nations, with time, some managed to escape and took refuge in the United Alliance. Here, they prospered and grew in size and numbers. Scape slaves are also on a constant flow to the UA, which keeps the numbers between slave Koors and free Koors changing constantly in favour for the later.

Authorities in the UA asked for permission to terraform a planet they could inhabit and be mostly populated by Koor, to recreate its culture, preserve its language and customs scattered all over the galaxies. Having a new home, a home that was taken from them and that still remains in Aldorian hands. Permission was granted and several million Koors settled in Neikoor meaning "New Koor". There, the Koor made great efforts to recovered everything that was lost or at risk and recreate their lost culture somehow. Even the fauna and flora were taken from its former homeworld, out of seeds and plants that the Koors had taken with them overseas during their mass deportation.

Some have speculated they could be related or be descendants of the Dengar, after its civilization collapsed.


They are similar to reptiles with different tonalities of color. They have a rough skin, similar to reptiles but a bit more viscous. They have two large eyes and several large arms and legs.

The Koors, lay eggs, with the female having one or two large eggs at a time. In exceptional cases, up to 5 eggs can be laid. The maximum time before the egg hatch is around 7 standard months.

After this time, a child is born and taken cared of by the mother until it reaches 5 years of age, in which it becomes completely autonomous.


Currently, about 72% of the Koor population is in slavery outside their homeworld. 26% live in the United Alliance, between Kreon (16%), Neikoor (5%) and other planets of the UA (3%). Around 4% live in other areas like the Aldorian Confederacy, the Intergalactic Federation, the Farshlag Syndicate, etc.. as tiny minorities. And finally, just the last 2% of the species lives in their native planet: But out of that 2%, just 0,3% live in liberty while the rest are enslaved in their homeworld. The only free native Koors of the planet are hiding mostly in the dense jungles of the equator, where the Aldorians usually don't venture, due to its intense humidity and heat, a climate difficult to handle for them. Still, from time to time, the Aldorians raide the area in search for slaves, so their numbers are waning .

Out of the 73% of the Koor slave population, about 55% of the Koors live now in the Aldorian High Kingdom, while the 17% live as slaves in either the Aldorian Shabada or the Aldorian Assembly of Clans of Clans and 1% as hidden smuggled slaves in the U.A and other worlds.

Escaped slaves or some made free have run away and taken refuge in the United Alliance or the Aldorian Confederacy. Those who go to the later, do so out of proximity and because the Aldorian culture is now for them closer than the Human or the multispecies culture of the UA. It is easier for them to blend in the Aldorian Confederacy. Some though, refuse to go to the later due to either hate of the Aldorian species, or just out of wanting their own cultural space that the Confederacy could not fully grant. Still, most go to the UA, with around 3 times more. The Koors have flocked more to the UA due to the calling effect, in which a larger well established population of Koors has acted as a magnet. This has increased mostly after the founding of Neikoor.

The actual population is regarded in several Quadrillions.


The Koors speak mostly two languages: G'stoor and L'kan. This are the most known of their languages and the most used, being the rest either extinct or in hard decline. Other Koor languages are at risk but still have a consistent base of speakers and efforts are made to preserve them in the free worlds they inhabit.

Many Koors, nowadays have been culturally absorbed by the culture and ways of their oppressors. This means that many Koors speak the Temerian Language or other Aldorian Languages, with their native tongues being spoken in hiding or in places were the Koors slaves are majority. However, most Koors speak Temerian as their mother language, due to the influence of their masters. In some places, even as slaves, they are just not taken enough into consideration to even bother forbidding the Koors from speaking their own languages. Nowadays, the Koorian languages are in decline, being only used and revived in the Aldorian Confederacy and mostly in the United Alliance. This two nations are the only ones to have free Koor, that can freely speak their languages, with Koors activist making efforts for Koors to learn their ancestral tongues to increase the use.

However, reality is that most Koor, even those in the Aldorian Confederacy or the United Alliance, use Aldorian languages. In the Aldorian Confederacy, they face double pressure, from the Margakian language (official in that nation) and the Temerian tongue which has been adopted by many even if they escaped to other nations and became free. In the United Alliance, they have to fight against the more mainstream Temerian (among Koors and Aldorians citizens) and the use of Kreonese, the UA official tongue, which is increasing its use among Koors born and raised after generations in the UA and living in planets were this language is predominant.


The Koors make reference to the moment they were conquered by the Aldorians with many names, mostly as "the Big Chaos", "the Great Slavery", "the Age of Conquest" or "the Great Tragedy". This event is so important to them, that they have set their own calendar based on this event as the year 0. Many Koors have preserved some traditions but most have been absorbed by the habits and customs of their oppressors. However, most Koors have a syncretism with their native culture and the Aldorian one (Temerian to be exact).

As well, due to the forced mixing of Koors, unification of the Koors happened very quickly. Today many aspects of Koor culture have become one, when in their homeworld they came from very different and distant places.

Some of the most known remnants that last from Koor culture is the habit of telling stories and myths about their ancestral deities, or their previous nations and cultures before "the Great Tragedy" as well as historical events from the past and the present of their species. The figure of the Story teller, or the Memorizer of History, is still preserved. Regardless of the place they originally came from K'stoor, this figured has been generalized between Koors from all over the galaxies. Another practices that goes back to the nations that existed before the conquest, like the Koors from the south area of the Planet, in the continent of Palpadar, who have special interests in Dance, Music and Singing, preserving this among their descendants in exile.


They religiosity has been affected by the Aldorian vision. Some pray to the Aldorian deities, others consider the Aldorians as some sort of superior entities or spirits, justifying with it their condition of slavery to them, as it was the Will of the Universe that was given to them. However, most have preserved devotaries of their own Koor deities.

In the Aldorian Shabada, it isn't uncommon that during the Tarkos festivities, many rebellious Koors are sacrificed to this god as punishment..