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Kormin is the fourth planet in the unimaginatively named Kormin System, and is the capital planet of the totalitarian Kormin Empire. Kormin is one of the most prosperous planets in the empire, at the expense of everywhere else, as it is far away from the war front and home of the most powerful Royal House, House Karekas. Currently, Kormin is the most poweful member of the Imperial Core Worlds, being the home of the emperor, Tarkon II Karekas, and is the most important planet in the entire empire.

Kormin is of extreme importance to the empire, because of its extreme historical importance and heavy industry on and around it. A myriad of opulent noble palaces exist across the planet, which are safeguarded by paid mercenary forces as well as small segments of the military.

Economic Impact

Kormin is renowned for its endless economic potential within the empire, with many imports and exports to the other major worlds of the empire. Almost everything sent through the Kormin Empire trade lines goes through the planet Kormin at some point, which is taxed to generate revenue for the government. As a result of this, life on Kormin is more untouched than any other planet in the entire nation.

Defense Systems

Kormin has a large array of advanced weapons and defense systems, mainly funded by the central government of the empire. A small portion of planetary defense originates from various noble houses, seeking to protect their economically valuable areas. The defense system of Kormin has been noted to be some of the most powerful defense networks in the Florathel Galaxy, with countless high-power weapons and fail safes. Even civilians have given to the defense network, creating their own defense systems and creating a terrifying number of effective low strength weapons.

The defense network is not only present on the ground, and in fact one of its most important parts is the Drahk-Verr Defense Network, found in orbit around the planet. One of Kormin's moons, Cerra, has actually been turned into an extremely large weapons station capable of decimating any fleet wishing to attack the planet. On the ground, where more conventional weapons are used, things like massive laser arrays and railguns are seen floating above the oceans and low populated areas. These innovative weapons have the ability to melt and destroy many things in low Kormin orbit, driving away potential invaders.

Population Strata


Orbital Constructs

Kormin has many artificial structures in orbit, most of which are heavily devoted to defense of the planet. Due to the Kormin Empire's current state of war, huge amounts of resources have been devoted to making Kormin as protected as possible.

Drahk-Verr Defense Network

The Drahk-Verr Defense Network is the largest defensive network of its kind in the Florathel Galaxy. It contains output wormholes from Nicoll-Dyson Beams around high-mass stars near it, which can fire a very powerful beam at an approaching ship, as well as literal billions of tons of weaponry. The Drahk-Verr Defense Network is not one single structure, it is in fact a huge series of stations surrounding the outer edge of the hill sphere, beyond the moon Cerra, which has itself been turned into a massive war fortress.

Because of this massive structure, it is widely believed that a direct assault on Kormin is not possible, and the war must be won by other means.

Moon System

Orbiting a relatively large red dwarf, Kormin has a large enough Hill Sphere to contain one medium-sized major moon and one asteroid moon, which are in a 2/3 orbital resonance with each other. These moons are heavily populated, and the larger moon, Jekra, is partially paraterraformed.


Jekra is the largest moon of Kormin. It is home to a large population and many of its craters have been domed over and filled with atmosphere. Jekra is incredibly well-protected, and it is sometimes believed to be even more difficult to attack than Kormin itself.


Cerra is the outermost, smallest, and most interesting moon of Kormin. Due to the Kormin Empire's state of war, the entire moon has been converted into an extremely huge weapons station, and there are some proposals to transform it into a mobile weapons platform. These proposals have been mostly ignored by the emperor's advisory committee, as it is more efficient to leave Cerra where it is and make such platforms from scratch.

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