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48398 CE - Today

The Kormin Empire, referred to as The Empire by those within its borders, is the largest nation in the Florathel Galaxy's Outer Paleas Arm. It is centered on the planet Kormin, which is located in one of the more sedate regions of the Outer Paleas Arm, away from the Spider Nebula.

Formed out of the warring states of Kormin by then-king of Warek Solum I Karekas in 48398 CE, the Kormin Empire is one of the few dictatorships in the Florathel Subgroup. Its emperor has complete power of all matters of state, but most day-to-day jobs are done by appointed officials, though the emperor has the right to overrule them at any time. The position of Emperor is partially hereditary, although the current emperor can and sometimes does choose someone outside the family to rule after his or her death, though this doesn't often happen. The current emperor, Tarkon II Karekas, is particularly totalitarian, often brutally murdering officials who look at him the wrong way and doing a significant number of state-running jobs himself.

The extreme emphasis on policing and military may be the reason why this empire lasted so long, as there have been many rebellions all across its history, but none of these have succeeded. The Kormin Empire is currently at war with the other three neighboring nations, the Union of Narenna, Republic of the Spider Nebula, and Virozic Republic, after a simultaneous attack on the three, which caused them to immediately get very pissed at the Kormin Empire.


The Kormin Empire has a long and whitewashed history. Within the borders of the Empire, it is glorified as much as possible in education, and anyone who believes that the gruesome things the Empire has done are not for the good of all vanish into the universe's most horrifying torture chambers.


War for Unification

Subjugation of the Taretel

Expansion Period

Enslavement of the Maeressians

Forever War





The Kormin Empire's capital is the seat of the Royal House of Karekas, Kormin. Kormin is one of the most prosperous planets in the empire, at the expense of everywhere else, as it is far away from the war front and home of the Royal House of Karekas. Currently, Kormin is the most poweful member of the Imperial Core Worlds, being the home of the emperor, Tarkon II Karekas, and is the most important planet in the entire empire.

Kormin is of extreme importance to the empire, because of its extreme historical importance and heavy industry on and around it. A myriad of opulent noble palaces exist across the planet, which are safeguarded by paid mercenary forces as well as small segments of the military.

Population Strata

The Kormin Empire's census population is only 1/5 of its estimated true population, as the central government only considers the most powerful species, the Virekas, sapient and worthy of being counted. Approximately 41% of the total population of the Kormin Empire is composed of the Taretel species, which were subjugated early in the history of the Empire and used as "computer-slaves" due to the Empire's hatred of AI.

Around 1/3 of the total population is composed of the Maeressians, which were enslaved by the empire when their home planet Maeress was conquered shortly before the Forever War.

Notable Worlds

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Florathel Galaxy, Paleas Arm
Florathel Galaxy, Paleas Arm
Florathel Galaxy, Paleas Arm
Unique Attributes:


The military of the Kormin Empire, officially called the Grand Army of The Lord and Emperor Karekas due to the empire's propensity for long-winded names, is one of the largest standing armies in the region. Due to this army's large size, the Empire has expanded extremely rapidly, bumping into the other two nations in the galaxy and triggering the Forever War. This huge army was also used to great effect in the war, conquering even Angertharke itself before being driven back. In these conflicts, they gained the reputation of a very effective effective but ruthless army. Reports of war crimes and rough occupations particularly in the incorporated territories have caused both internal and external controversy.


The Kormin Empire is divided into 21 provinces, 3 chartered systems, and 2 autonomous regions, used for administration. The provinces cover the largest amount of area in the Empire, and are essentially regions used to more easily govern the vast territory of the Empire. Chartered systems are systems large enough to avoid becoming part of a regular province, and can mostly self-rule unless the emperor chooses to take this status away. Finally, autonomous regions are effectively a name to show the outside world that the empire is not in fact racist, but they really do absolutely nothing and are identical to regular provinces.

Ruling Dynasty

The ruling dynasty of the Kormin empire since its founding is the Karekas Dynasty. The Karekas Dynasty is one of the most powerful families in the Florathel Galaxy, and they are utterly obsessed with having "pure blood". Unfortunately, this meant that the family practiced severe inbreeding. For example, the parents of Empress Eleana III Karekas were brother and sister. This meant that the Karekas Dynasty has been riddled with severe genetic diseases throughout its history, with their brain function slowly decreasing to the point where no one knew how to get anything done.

This problem was at least partly fixed when Empress Eleana III Karekas officially married her cousin, but concieved a child with a random maid. This widened the gene pool, and she gave birth to Tarkon, who actually knew how to do things and was unafflicted by the severe genetic diseases which affected the rest of the family. Because of this, Tarkon had a lot of power and could easily manipulate his severely brain-damaged peers into giving him the crown as opposed to his older brother.

Tarkon was crowned emperor of the Kormin Empire, Tarkon II Karekas. As the empire was at this point deep within the Forever War, he ramped up spending on military matters, and it was under his rule that the empire made the greatest gains in the war. He still rules today, although he does seem to have softened up a little and is less likely to randomly murder his advisors.

The Forever War
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