100th Millennium Wiki

"There's only really one Faction in Verpletter everyone knows to avoid without any reservation whatsoever, who if you see their ships, you have to run or open fire, and hope to your Gods that there aren't any of their friends nearby. One that if you see in orbit, you know you must fight for your lives because they will show you absolutely no mercy. And that's the Kriegsleute - the absolute embodiment of war. "

The Kriegsleute is a nation located within the Verpletter region of Via Aylathiya, originating from the planet of Krieg. It is an imperialist, expansionist, intensely xenophobic and fascistic regime, orienting itself around an ideology of Human supremacy.

The origins of the faction are shrouded in some unclear occurences that have not yet been entirely uncovered. What is known is that during the Seal-Off of Verpletter, a fleet of starships from the Confederacy of Borealis crash landed on the planet known then as Liq’Ziq. The refugees then engaged in a brutal war with the two native species of the planet, the Ik’Ik’Vikira and the Zek’eke’zka, a pair of intelligent arthropod species. The refugees were victorious in the war and drove the natives from their homeworld.

Accounts vary on the cause of this conflict. While the refugees claim that they were attacked, the Ik’Ik’Vikira and the Zek’eke’zka claim that the refugees attacked first. There are no recorded files on the exact nature of who started the war, as they have been deleted since their creation. Regardless though, after this victory, a faction of Humans that fought in the war called the Kriegsleute began to turn on their alien allies, seeing them as equally untrustworthy as the bugs they drove off their new home. Eventually, all of the non-human refugees were executed and the Kriegsleute was able to take control of the rest of the world. They then renamed the planet in their honour - Krieg, an old Boreal Basic word meaning "war".

Embracing a 'might-makes-right' philosophy, the Kriegsleute has shown an intense hatred of weakness, often using the weak as either slave labor or cannon fodder for their armies. Their intense hatred of non-humans, for whom they use a derogatory term, 'Ko'pik', had lead them to displace and even eradicate entire alien species that they have encountered. The Kriegsleute is motivated by a belief that humanity is the supreme species in the universe, and that aliens are both pathetic in comparison and pose a drastic threat to the future of humanity. This culminates in the belief that they must rise from their homeland and carve out a grand empire for humanity, unconcerned with such things as diplomacy with non-humans.

They also possess a strong hatred of egalitarianism and peace, seeing them as things which make the Human race weaker. This makes them unwilling to collaborate with egalitarian factions such as the Commune Federation. Determined to obliterate all opposistion in their way and conquer the region, they are feared and hated throughout all of Verpletter.