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"You're not allowed to be weak on Krieg. The weak don't get far, the best you can hope for is a quick death. It gets worse if you live, so you become strong. You prove your worth to Krieg, you prove your worth to the Kriegsleute, and you face what Human beings are truly capable of if you don't."

— Account taken from a captured Kriegsleute soldier before they committed suicide

Krieg is the capital planet of the Kriegsleute, located in Verpletter. It is a barren, rocky world that possesses a dense series of rings. It is an otherwise unimpressive world in an unimpressive system.

Krieg is, in spite of this, the economic and political capital of everything that the fascistic faction of the Kriegsleute does. A target for destruction by a great number of the factions and alien species, Krieg gets its name from an old Boreal Basic word meaning "war", in reference to the many, many wars that have been fought for its survival.


While not a unique planet in and of itself, the influence of Humans on the planet have turned it into a noteworthy world within Verpletter. It is home to several "megacities" and thousands of minor cities and towns, many of which are densely packed.


The original inhabitants of Krieg were a collection of military officials, scientists, and surveyors from the Confederacy of Borealis exploring Verpletter. However, they had crash landed on the planet due to solar storms and being cut off from the rest of Via Aylathiya.

The survivors discovered that the planet was inhabited by two sentient species, the Ik’Ik’Vikira and the Zek’eke’zka. Stories conflict as to which side opened up hostilities first - both claiming that the other attacked them unprovoked. There is no official evidence to suggest this either way though, as the only tapes and records of the incident are locked away by Kriegsleute government officials. During a war between the natives and the offworlders, a group formed within the Borealis faction that promised a swift end to the war by any means necessary. This faction was known as the Kriegsleute. They gained power and, true to their word, ended the war swiftly.

However, once the war ended, heads turned towards the alien members of the Borealis faction. Internal purges of these aliens and the political enemies of the Kriegsleute began, and eventually evolved into outright civil war. Due to the conflict, and a series of conflicts which followed, people quickly began to accept this.


"An attack on Krieg would require absolutely everything that the Commune has, and right now, it would lose that invasion. And then Krieg would storm in and take over every world within the Federation. It'd be suicide to attack them right now - for anyone." - Spy Koltero Linville-Desmarais after his infiltration of Krieg

Krieg is well known within Verpletter as a heavily fortified world, with entire star systems surrounding it dedicated to its defense. The true extents of Krieg's fortifications come from the scant number of spies that have survived an expedition into the center of the Kriegsleute.

Krieg's surface is littered with defensive emplacements of every sort imaginable, ranging from weapons that can reach thousands of kilometers into space to atmospheric anti-aircraft guns. Every city, particularly the megacities, is fortified and designed to be capable of holding out against both aerial and ground assaults. Trenches have been dug, mined out, and fortified to withstand land invasion, complete with bunkers armed with weaponry to hold out for as long as possible. It is impossible to go on a walk on Krieg without running into at least a dozen fortifications.

The rings of Krieg have all been mined for their resources and converted into orbital fortresses that are capable of withstanding barrages from several warships at once.

A series of battle stations have also been put into orbit around Krieg, which act as both tactical operation bases, and as capital ships. These stations have been scattered all over Krieg's orbit, including some hidden within its rings.

Krieg's moon of Ironfront is essentially just an enormous fortress, dedicated to being an impossible-to-break defensive measure. Its entire surface is littered with guns and bunkers. Any invasion of Krieg that does not first silence Ironfront is a doomed invasion, as it will continue to demolish ship after ship until it is stopped or runs out of ammunition.

This process has been repeated in several solar systems in every direction around Krieg. Even if a faction was able to break through one of these, they would still need to contend with at least two more before reaching Krieg itself.

Environment and Cities

The surface of Verpletter from Crash Site Origin, 0VC - the first known photograph the Kriegsleute took of their new homeworld.

Krieg is a very rocky, barren world with very little natural flora. It has a high number of mountain ranges, and flat plains are incredibly rare. It is also exceptionally cold, as snow can be seen falling nearly year-round on Krieg.

One of the few unique things about Krieg is its atmosphere. Studies undertaken by the original Borealis scientists discovered that the plant life on the planet doesn't produce oxygen at all. Instead, it is the rocks themselves that pump oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases into the atmosphere. While the atmosphere is thin by Human standards, and there are dozens upon dozens of regions on Krieg that are uninhabitable without proper equipment, Krieg is capable of supporting Human life without technological requirements in a few small zones.

The major cities of Krieg were constructed around these areas, densely packed together to ensure to that no amount of space was wasted. These cities were also built on top of one another, making them more akin to towers than traditional cities. The other regions have also been settled, but require special equipment such as gas masks and radiation suits in order to walk on the surface of these areas.

There are a series of caves and tunnel networks underneath Krieg, which were originally used and dug by the Ik’Ik’Vikira and the Zek’eke’zka before they were driven off-world. These networks lead to underwater oceans, which provide drinking water for the Kriegsleute.