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The Krizik are an Alien species originating on the planet Izk, a planet located in the Ziik System, in the Nucleus Krizikis for Humans and sector Mizik for the Krizik. The Planet is the Capital of the four intergalactic nations of the Krizik. They are an insectoid species originating in the Medusa Galaxy that quickly expanded into the Lewis Galaxy, the Icarus Galaxy, the Jasper Galaxy and the Iskadi Galaxy among others.

It is a Warrior species, that venerates honor, war and the technological advancement. It is a species with a high feeling of union and identity with the group. They were divided into smaller nation-states in origin, but this nations battled themselves and absorbed each other in a power equilibrium. When only four nation-state were left, for fear of deploying military actions that could destroy their ecosystem and species, they pacted a truce.

The nations of the Venik continent federate themselves to create the Krizik Stratocracy. This super nation only gives citizenship to those that perform military training. The Nations of the continent of Zakek were absorbed in conquest wars or federate each other until the creation of the supernation known as the Krizik Regime. The Krizik Warrior Assembly is one of the nations that kept itself located between the Stratocracy and the Regime due to its geographical location between both continents. In the Continent of Korsk, a bloody war took one of the nations to prominence in the continent, absorbing the other ones and erasing them, creating the current nation known as the Krizik Dominium.

Native Planet

The Krizik are native of planet Izk, an arid warm planet with large savannas in both hemispheres, and some small tropical areas, with large deserts, specially in the equator. The rest of the planet is known for its arid terrain, low amount of drinking water and vegetation, with large rocky areas. The Krizik developed in the margins between the rocky areas and the savannas and that's why they can thrive with low amounts of water, since their biology has lowered its water needs.

The planet lacks big large oceans, with only some seas and small oceans on Izk surface. That's the reason why continents are difficult to picture on the surface of the planet. Still three can be detected: Korsk, Zakek and Venik. 

Biology and Reproduction

Female Krizik

The Krizik present a hard and strong exoskeleton that makes them unbeatable warriors in battle. Their mouth punctures a clamp with a jaw capable of retracting and ruminating, biting and chewing anything that is in front of them. They possess four arms and two pair of legs. They walk as bipeds and the extremities end up in a clamp shape form with some fingers, similar to prehensile claws.

Male Krizik

Their muscles are resilient and strong. They can support high temperatures and can stay long periods of time without drinking, keeping water in deposits inside their bodies.

At the same time they possess a big heart, two liver like organs, six kidneys, one stomach and a complex breeding system, made up of several different organs, that are different to our lungs. The digestive system is made up of a peculiar intestine, with a specially big Colon.

Krizik are Oviparous, they lay eggs and take care of them until hacking. The eggs are nurture by the females in most of krizik cultures, but in some it is the male that does so, since he is stronger, and in some cultures is the whole clan, tribe or nation that takes care of the eggs.  

The number of eggs vary from one to four. In exceptional cases they have been ten to twelve eggs. The Larvae go through several phases before becoming adults. 


  • The Krizik Regime: Its name in Vazik is "Zekavan". It is ruled by a council of the so called supreme leaders of the old Krizik nations, the so call warrior lords of each of this ancient countries, forming a war council where the chieftain is elected and called "Irkan". Then, the colonized worlds joint the council, taking each planet a seat in the council, with thousands of members currently in it. Slavery is still practice by is a decaying practice, that are used mostly by the very rich and wealthy. All slaves in the nation are domestic slaves. Alien slaves are even more rare, and used as a very luxurious commodity. The Honor rules are very much in place in this nation. The defeated are incorporated into the Regime and not humiliated, although assuming the submissive position that corresponds to them.
  • The Krizik Stratocracy: In its language, Zikar, its named "Tirkanik". It is the most technologically advanced and progressive and "democratic" for krizik standards, as well as being the least warrior like. Only the Krizik who have completed their military services to the state are able to obtain citizenship and are allowed to vote for the matters of the state and elect the members of the High Krizik Commissariat, that is elected among the high military officers. Slavery is forbidden in the nation. It is the only Krizik nation that uses robotic working forces. Commerce is the basis of the nation's wealth, although the militaristic nature of the country its still at the core of their society. This nation is the one that has the best relation with Humanity among the Krizik nations.
  • The Krizik Dominium: In its language known as Uikik, they call the nation "Kira Qash". It is a nation ruled by a semi-monarquic dictatorship. It is the most backward and warring nation among the Kriziks in which Honor and Force move everything in this society. Their offspring is faced in battled in a duel known as "Ir Akash", in which the most weak of them are sacrificed in battled and only the strongest survive to ensure the strength of the Nation. They practice slavery. The Stratocracy and the Regime, still have a pact against this nation, so if one is attacked both should respond to the offensive.
  • The Krizik Warrior Assembly: It is denominated as "Mezak Iken" in their tongue, the Mekik. It is a form of tribal society in which the warrior are on the peak of society and the most veteran form an assembly that rules the nation. However, in this assembly, every Warrior has the power to speak in it and present is claims to the Assembly. Every Tribe is represented in the Assembly by its most formidable warriors. It is the most primitive of nation, technologically speaking, but still have manage to space colonization and most of the citizens of this nations are involved in illegal activities like piracy, smuggling, trafficking etc.. Their society is full of endless rituals that can be seen all over their society and life.

Countries with substantial Krizik populations

  • The United Alliance: The country is known as "Mirkan Kekarak" by the Krizik people. The country has a large Zak speaking population, due to the mix of Krizik people of different backgrounds living together and in contact with Human and Alien Languages. About 18% of the UA's population is Krizik.


  • Vazik: Its the main language spoken in the Krizik Regime and is the main language in the Zakek Continent and the planets settled by them. Some areas of the continent are Meikik speaking, since the easternmost part of the continent is shared with the Assembly of Warriors.
  • Zikar: Its the main language of the Krizik Stratocracy and is spoken in the continent of Venik, with another language, the Mekik, the language of the Assembly of Warriors that takes a partial size of their territory. The Venik Language gain prestige in the Stratocracy gradually displacing other languages in the continent, becoming the main language. Its the main language in planets settled by the Stratocracy.
  • Uikik: Its the main language of the Krizik Dominium and spoken for the most part in the Korsk continent were it originated and the planets settled by the Krizik Dominium.
  • Mekik: Its the language of the Assembly of Warriors and is spoken in the isthmus between the Zakek and Venik continents as well as in planets colonized by the Krizik language Assembly.
  • Zak: Its a language spoken in space by the Krizik in some planets where Vazik and Zirak speaking settlers mixed,, mostly in the United Alliance. It is highly spoken in the Iskadi Galaxy and to a lesser extended in the Icarus and the Lewis Galaxies. It has many words taken from Human languages. It is mostly spoken by the Krizik of the UA due to the mix between Krizik of different nations and the contact with Alien and Human languages.