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The Krizik Dominium is a Krizik nation, known in the Uikik language as "Kira Qash". Its capital is located in Izk, the continent of Korsk. Half of it is located inside Herschel Space, in the Herschel Space.

It is the most warrior and brutal of the Krizik Nations. It is a nation ruled by a semi-monarchical dictatorship. It is the most backward and warring nation among the Kriziks in which Honor and Force move everything in this society.

Their offspring are faced in battled in a duel known as "Ir Akash", in which the most weak of them are sacrificed in battled and only the strongest survive to ensure the strength of the Nation. They practice slavery. The Stratocracy and the Regime, still have a pact against this nation, so if one is attacked both should respond to the offensive.


The entire nation is a horrific totalitarian state, in which the strongest have power while the weak obey. Thus the top warrior elites fight constantly to be in power and the most brutal of them all gets to be on top and rule as a monarch to his will.

Family lines are not really followed, although they tend to get to power, as they are the offspring and descendants of very powerful people (strong and ruthless) so they tend to be similar and equally stronger, what in turn, leads them into power positions.


The history of the Krizik Dominium goes back to the early groups of hunter-gatherers that arrived in the continent. They settled the continent of Korsk and formed different sort of societies and civilizations but the harsh environment, flora and fauna of the place as well as the competition among Krizik groups for resources led to a group of rather warrior like societies.

This culminated with the long wars of conquest of Korsk by several powerful groups. Eventually, one of the groups kept on top of the rest of the other nations conquering them and annexing them by force. This led to the foundation of the Krizik Dominium, by the full conquest of its neighbors and total dominion over them.

The Conquest came to an end, as they were concentrated into their own continent and the other continents were less accessible, and also had started to form and create their respective super states, known as the Krizik Stratocracy and the Krizik Regime, as well as the Krizik Warrior Assembly. However, a cold war started and several important wars were fought against this nations. The Regime and the Stratocracy have an alliance to fight against the Dominium a nation that is heavily despised by both. This has contained the Dominium ever since.

A race for space began and the spies of the Dominium brought technological advances from the Stratocracy and the Regime and colonization of Space began. They have expanded ever settling different worlds and conquering some minor aliens, enslaving them to their will. However, their expansion has been contained by the other Krizik superpowers, making it the second smallest Space state. They keep being the most aggressive nation of the Krizik and have fought even a war against the Intergalactic Federation.

Society and Culture

Honor and War are at the very top of the Dominiums ideology, being one of the most warlike societies among this species, which is very combative by nature already. The weak are not tolerated at all and strength or cruelty are encourage and enhanced in those who have such traits. A large amount of the population also relies on slave work and all alien species who have fallen under their wing have either been enslaved or erradicted to be replaced by Krizik settlers. However, the extension if the Dominium is not large as the rest of the Krizik powers have tried by all their means to stop its expansion.

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