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The Krizik Regime is a nation of the Krizik species, born in the continent of Zakek in the planet Izk which is the country's capital. It's name in the Vazik language is "Zekavan". It is located in Rodaun Galaxy in Herschel Space.

It was born out of several nation-states conquering each other to form a single super-state, one of the four nations of the Krizik. The defeated were however incorporated by the Regime and not humiliated, although they traditionally had to adopt a submissive position that corresponded to them at least until full integration into the super-state.


The first Kizik in Zakek were hunter-gatherers of a tribal-like nature. They dispersed quite quickly over the continent. Little by little, they domesticated species and became somehow sedentary, forming cattled-caring societies with little production of agriculture, which was mostly use to feed the animals. Soon, the first cities and states were created.

These states became kingdoms, plutocracies, war republics, city states and empires. They had in common that they were all War-base as it is inherent to Krizik society. One nation, soon started conquering other nations, and instead of destroying them, their culture and slave the people, they started incorporating the defeated. This lead to the exponential grown of the Zekavan into a massive power, that soon absorbed all the nations on the continent. It was stopped by the other super-powers that rival theirs. In this unification process, industrialization and modernization began, and the Regime became the most populous nation in the entire Izk, although less technologically advanced than their neighborhoods, the Krizik Stratocracy.

Several wars occured with the Krizik Dominium and the Stratocracy during the early industrial revolution becoming more of cold wars as technology progressed. This hostile environment was the perfect setting that drove scientific research, the like to be above. However after nuclear development, the Dominium became the biggest threat and hostilities with the Stratocracy cooled down, to the point were they became cordial.

Both the Regime and the Stratocracy still remain quite cold, but have a common enemy known as the dominium, which ironically brought them together.

After the Stratocracy invented ways to interstellar travel and space exploration, the Regime soon followed and reached the stars colonizing several worlds and systems, until reaching dominion over a large area of their galaxy. They soon expanded as well to nearby galaxies. The first world they colonized was "Vikiz", which means Pride.


The Supreme leaders of the main nation and the ones from the conquered nations, all warlords, created a war council, where they choose a chieftain or supreme leader of the nation that they called "Irkan". The current ruler is Kva Kork, from the planet Ivik.

When the nation started colonization, many of the worlds added a representative of their world to the nation's council, taking each Krizik world or system under the regime a seat of their own.

Customs and Society

A warrior nation, in which honor and pride is the most powerful thing in their society, even more than in other nations. It is based on a solid authoritarian leadership. A supreme leader guided by a large assembly.

Slavery is practiced but very marginally so. It is definitely not a widespread practice. Slave are mostly relegate to domestic tasks, and among the Elite and the high to medium-high class of society. Alien slaves are even more rare and they are used only for forced work or as a commodity of very high luxury by the most wealthy and powerful.


  • Vikiz