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The Krizik Stratocracy is a Krizik nation, known in the Zikar language as "Tirkanik". Its capital is located in Izk, the continent of Venik. It is located in Herschel Space.

It is the most technologically advanced, progressive and "democratic" for Krizik standards of the Krizik Nations, as well as being the least warrior like.


Only the Krizik who have completed their military services to the state are able to obtain citizenship and are allowed to vote for the matters of the state and elect the members of the High Krizik Commissariat, that is elected among the high military officers.

The High Krizik Commissariat is embodied by the military, who has control and support of the law, the constitution, the legislature and the judiciary powers. It has a strong meritocratic membership, in which the best soldiers or leaders are set to be escalating into higher ranks until achieving the status of Generals. Here, the entire population with citizenship gets to vote on the Generals whom they want for rule in the High Krizik Commissariat.

Of course, not all Krizik are eligible to voting rights, only those who have completed a fully military service to the state, and have fulfilled their duties. Then, they get the right to receive citizenship. They can then continue their carrier inside the military and progress towards the leading positions of the country or leave and pursue a carriere in other fields. Science, Commerce and Engineering are among the most promoted and successful career in the nation, aside of the military.


The first Krizik arrived into the continent as tribe-gatherers and scattered all over the continent of Venik. This continent is the most fertile and water-rich. This allowed the tribes to become more wealthy and the first civilization arose in the fertile shores and valleys of the continent. As always in Krizik culture, they based themselves mostly on cattled, and many of the local species were domesticated. Agriculture also flourished but as in other nations, it was mostly to allow stable food for the cattle and the species the Krizik feed on.

Soon, several city-states arouse all over Venik, establishing commercial ties, that grew to form kingdoms and nations, most of whom had a merchant-military society and culture. Soon, this nations and city-states started to unify more and more, usually peacefully and some other times also thanks to warfare. This led to the creation of the super-nation known as the Krizik Stratocracy. Commerce is still the base of the nation, however the militaristic nature of the species keeps being the primordial core of their society.

The Nation had several wars against its neighborhoods, devastating wars, that transformed the nation into a more stratocratic one, rather than a most merchant one. Nuclear development mark the beginning of the Cold War among the Super-states of the Krizik.

The Dominium became the biggest treat, the Stratocracy and the Krizik Regime became sort of allies in order to repell the threat that the dominium is to them.

The Stratocracy was due to their technological advancement, the first nation to sent Krizik into space, and the first among the Krizik to improve the navigation in Space, inventing the Hyper Impulse technology as well as their Warp Drive, that allowed them to colonize space. This led them to be the first to set a Krizik Colony, in a viable planet to them. This was the planet Uzkan, that means in the Zikar language "Rebirth" or "Reborn".

Society and Culture

The Culture of the Krizik is powered by a strong leadership, made by The Supreme commanders of the military forces. The Language of the Nation is the Zikar, which has supplanted most of the previous national languages of the continent.

It is the only nation that uses and developed robotic workforce. They have the most sophisticated technology and the only ones to use effective robots and IA in their nation. They are the second most populated country of the Krizik but is the richest and most advanced in terms of technology, science and as a society.

Slavery is forbidden in the nation. It is the only Krizik nation that uses robotic working forces. Commerce is the basis of the nation's wealth, although the militaristic nature of the country its still at the core of their society. This nation is the one that has the best relation with Humanity among the Krizik nations.

The Krizik of the stratocracy can be found in many worlds across the universe, even in territories beyond their own. For example in the Human nation known as the United Alliance. Some Krizik worlds of the Stratocracy joined the United Alliance when the Jord Nebulae declared its own independence. The Krizik of the Stratocracy managed to defeat the local garrisons and a by this act earn their own right to freedom, signing a treaty with the Stratocracy to split from it and join the newly created Alliance. This worlds were free of conflict and served as strategic point for the war among the Krizik of the other nations that had to fight for independence and for the Humans, Aldorians, Arati, Murban and Noraki as well.


They only worship the figure they call "the Creator" and the souls of the death with its antagonist deity "The Void God". They believe on a mystical myth that tells of the fight between the great void and the Creator, the great warrior. The void was defeated but for maintaining peace and harmony among the Void and the Creator an agreement had to be reached to which all life or things the creator had come to make sooner or later had to be given to the void and come to an end. This includes the souls of the Krizik.

The Void holds the souls of the deaths and only those that die in battle are able to remain with the Creator and have a life-style existence. The Souls of the Living are thus Creator servants and those of the Death are Void servants as it was pacted in the Great Truce between both. The Souls with the Void are to remain lethargic on the afterlife prepared for the great battle that will confront both after the long peace, to which the Creator is said to win, the universe destroyed and rebirth onto a better version of it, in which the souls of the Krizik would be able to be living for ever on it free of servitude.

So the Souls of the Deaths are heavily worshipped as they prevent the Void, their angry lord to cause harm to the living, which are servants of the Creator.

The Creator formed the Universe and Izk, as well as the Krizik and the other Alien species. Thats the reaosn they are the least xenophobic of all the Krizik Nations. This religion is known as Ikikiarism, and is mostly practiced by the Stratocracy and minor factions of the Regime and the inhabitants of the United Alliance. Many Humans, Aldorians and other species have adopted this religion as well.


  • Uzkan