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"One of the Thirteen Founding Planets of the Intergalactic Federation, it is the most militarized and industrialized world of the Federation. Its people are technicians, engineers, artisans, robot manufacturers, scientist, chemists, miners, builders and soldiers. Hard rational people, which emotions are set aside for the progress of technology. The defense of us all, from this Galaxy to the farthest one is controlled through here. The headquarters of our military lie in this Forge World, and so does most of our military and manufacturing production" - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian

Kronos is a terran world that lies in the Polemos System. It is located in the Akai Nebulae, in the Lewis Galaxy. It is one of the Thirteen Founding planets of The Intergalactic Federation, to which it belongs to.

The Planet was settled by refugees from the war between the Empire of Mankind and the Union. It was mostly encourage by Mirdanians and Novans, although the planet was almost not terraformed, some changes were slightly made to increase the adaptability to humans.

This Planet Holds the Military headquarters of the Federation. The planet is as well full of factories that produce most of the navy, weapons, robots, and others. Its holds as well refineries and other Chemical Plants and some Mining industries. Despise all this secondary production, some areas are used from agriculture and are quite relaxed and known for its tourism and high degree of entertainment.

Today the planet has a total different look, due to its industries and others, it has been somehow polluted and urbanized, changing its appearance significantly.

Kronos as it looked before the massive industrial, militarization and urbanization process it went through.