Kryorono-Lomir is a Lowzyolian Zythyn politician, who is the current leader of the Federal Industry Party and Primary Shayama (99952 to Present) for the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. Kryrono-Lomir is also a notable High Councilman for the Intergalactic Council. He was also the Secondary Shayama of the Commonwealth (from 87932 CE - 88168 CE) before the assassination of Apharos Strizotvia. Kryrono-Lomir is also Ever since Apharos' assassination, Kryrono-Lomir has fulfilled many of Apharos' old promises, and created his own promises to the CUEN, which aim to benefit industries, workers, and colonists.

Kryrono-Lomir is a patriotic and optimistic industrialist, who has always aimed for cleaner and higher quality industry across the Commonwealth. Kryrono-Lomir also possesses Psychokinesis, more specifically Radisthesia and Retrocognition. This has made Kryrono-Lomir the 62nd Psychokinetic Primary Shayama for the CUEN. Kryrono-Lomir has reportedly used these exotic abilities for numerous events, whether it be for recounting historical events, or by recalling normal happenstances with high clarity. Kryrono-Lomir's ability to recall distant events has let him be exceptional at diplomacy.

Recently, Kryrono-Lomir has pushed for more military production for the Commonwealth, following The Exhumation, an event which shook the intergalactic stage and brought panic to much of the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. Recent events involving the Celestial Plague have also brought strife to the Commonwealth, something that Kryrono-Lomir is hard-pressed on fixing immediately.

Other than modern-day issues, Kryrono-Lomir is usually focused on patching up issues which have occurred in the past. Often talking to the Councilmembers of the Quintet Puontari Federations, Kryrono-Lomir has since created a weak but promising trading alliance with the formerly hostile QPF. Kryrono-Lomir is also one of the only biological organisms to converse with POLIKY about political solutions for any remaining CUEN-QPF tensions.

Kryrono-Lomir also has a strong desire to see the Commonwealth become stronger economically, as well as having a better standard of living for all citizens. His administration has constantly vouched for new kinds of technology, development to older areas, and to make new kinds of manufacturing. Outside manufacturing in other nations, which could attract foreign corporations, are also being tested out as the CUEN stance on corporations have become more lenient over the years. Commonwealth, instead of just those within its borders. Kryrono-Lomir hopes this new tactic can help bring full prosperity back into the Commonwealth, and with it, a stronger economy.

In the meantime, Kryrono-Lomir is currently trying to convince the Intergalactic Council to allow him to completely use his political power and create fabled Gigastructures, which have the ability to greatly improve the CUEN's economy in the long run.

Kryrono-Lomir was born on Holyupsk in the wealthy areas of Veccion City, attaining his education at the University of Lowrokira in Sector Uraloht-Toqalo. Being born amidst the War of the Ancients, Kryrono-Lomir first appeared as a wartime journalist which was published in --


The War of the Ancients
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