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"The world of women, it is the center of one of the most influencial organizations in our nation, the Union. The Sisterhood, born here milennia ago, has lead and paved the way for change in the nation preserving humanity and carefully crafting it's future. Kryso is my second home. This world of amazing beauty and colorful green rings, its filled with life and powerful minds. A bright destiny awaits for this planet." - High Priestress, Annik Marrash

Kryso is one of the most important planets in the Union and is located in the Lewis Galaxy, in the Bernei System and thus in Herschel Space. It is the headquarters of some of the most important organizations in the nation. It orbits a Yellow Star, and has 3 moons, Ashi, Maku and Leukon. It was settled in 35 788 CE by colonists from Isso who brought with them the Gift Parasite and the Unionist religion.

The planet is famously known as the center of the Sisterhood of Kryso. It is the planet where this organization was created and devellopped. An only femenine order of women, trained in religious ways to enhance their capabilities given by the parasyte living in them as well as teaching and learning psycokinetic powers.

This training is definitely hard and very secretive and thus not even the most powerful among the Union are allowed inside the organization. This women are carefully selected and trained in the ways of the Sisterhood and then are carefully asigned to the Branch they are most fit for, following their training over there. The General headquarters of the sisterhood lied within this world.


The world of Kryso has 7 large landmasses: Ithila, Verion, Hulssen, Danen, Vored, Peulinis and Ungador. They are usually considered lush and very forested. The land has as well different regions.

  • Ithila:

It's one of the most massive continents, taking over much of the Northern Hemisphere. It is connected to Hulssen through a small straight of land. The interior is full of dense forests and has been inhabited and used for farming for millennia. However most of the people concentrate in its coastal cities and around the main rivers. The city of Aundil is located here, the seat of the Sisterhood of Kryso and the biggest city in the planet. Its economy is diverse but is mostly focused on education, trade, insurance, production of items and finance. It's total population is 6 Billion

  • Verion:

The second largest by a small margin regarding Ithila, it covers the Northern and Southern hemispheres. It has a long variety of climates, from dense jungles in the equator to swamps, forests and prairies in the areas towards the poles. It is home to the city of Izarban, the capital city of Kryso, home to the Asembly that rules the planet. Sosore is also located here, a major mining city and industrial region, it is basically focus on manufacturing. It has a total population of 6 Billion

  • Hulssen:

Its the third biggest continent and is located in the southern hemisphere. It has large bays and penninsulas that are excellent places for fishing activities as well as agriculture. The interior is known for its beauty and for being home to the river Gaon, the largest in Kryso, and where the city of Tayka, the third largest in the planet is located. It is home to the main religious authorities in Kryso as well as being a center in the Medical, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical and Energy production fields. The city is also a famous pilgrimage destination. Tourism is thus a very important activity in the continent as well as luxury manufacturation of goods. It has a total population of 6 Billion.

  • Danen

A set of islands, they form a continent out of the shores of Verion, and close to Hulssen. The largest Island, Kauralon, is very large. The main economic activity here is clothing and tourism. Agriculture and fishing are also important activities. Large mansions and rich peoples from the planet make Danen their main destination and retirement. Several archipielagos and large islands lie here, so vast and big that they cover the same amount of land as other continents do in full mass. The largest city here is Talain. The city is known for Luxury production and as a secondary center for the sisterhood. It is the base for the Warrior ladies of Talain, an elite set of warriors, all female, used by the Sisterhood as servants (specially those in the Black Branch). It has a total population of 4 Billion.

  • Vored

The continent located in the south pole is small and covered in large tundras and taigas. Due to the position and temperatures of the planet, the south pole barely has ice, although the ice covers much of the innter center of Vored. Mostly the coast is inhabited and is mostly dedicated to technology, industrial production, energy and shipbuilding, although less than Peulinis. The largest city is Hassil. The continent as a whole has a population of 3 billion

  • Peulinis

The smallest continent, it is located in the north pole. It is a small large island and is covered in it's north and center from the icepole. It isnt large but large enough to split Peulinis from Ithila and Verion and make it it's own continent mass. The Largest city is Gerdos, and is mostly based in energy, scientific production and research and specially shipbuilding. It is mostly cold and full of taiga and tundra. It has a total population of 2 billion.

  • Ungador

This continent is full of jungles, and very humid. It is the second smallest continent and lies close to Ithila split from it through a strait, known as the Strait of Mikalo, from the city of Mikalo, a commercial planetary city located in the stratigic location. It's fauna and flora are said to be exuberant and dangerous. Nevertheless, it is very used for botanical and pharmaceutical elements and is often visited by the Green Branch of the sisterhood. The entire population of the continent is 5 billion.



The planet was discovered in 35 490 CE (15 324 ADL of the Lewisian Calendar) and soon, its was noticed that the situation of the planet was ideal for trade and it's condition to gather human life were perfect. This meant the world was attractive to colonisation. The Planet was firstly visited in 35 533 CE (15 367 ADL) to study it's live and status as a planet. A scientific station was in orbit in 35 621 CE (15 455 ADL) and soon after, in 35 780 CE (15 614 ADL ), Colonist from Isso soon arrived and settled in the continent of Ithila.

A constant inflow of settlers arrived in the following centuries and by 36 086 CE (15 920 ALD), the world was firmly colonized, with settlements in all the continents. During the early millennia that followed, internal colonization as well as prosperous economic boom followed. This allowed the planet to become comercially and strategically important. Kryso soon became the center of a gathering of women who, based on religious reasons trained themselves in the arts of the Gift Parasyte. It was then, in 36 729 CE (16 563 ALD) that the order known as the Sisterhood of Kryso was founded.

Economy and Demographics

The economy of the planet is mostly based on trade and manufacturing. Teaching and pilgrimage are also attractives into the planet's economy. It has been extremely diversified and the Sisterhood plays a key part on the economical performance, importance, prestige and production in the planet. Tourism is thus one of the most important key factors in some areas of the Planet. Notably to Danen and religious pilgrimage to Ithila.

This world has a total population of 33 Billion. Most of them live in Ithila and Verion but also in other continents like Danen, which have a very high population density. Danen is as well a top destination for travellers.

Society and Culture


The unionist parasyte has infected the fauna of the planet, although only 36% of all species in Kryso have been noticed to be infected by the parasyte, mosty lie within warmer climates with access to ponds, rivers and lakes. Most of them are flying or large creatures. And about half of the species infected are only found in the jungles of Ungador. The other half is spread through areas of Verion, Ithila, Hulssen and Danen. Vored and Peleunis seem to be completely ridden of the Parasyte, although some few species have been seen to be infected in southernmost lattitudes in Vored it is rather rare. This infestation was done by mismanagement of the breeding process of the Gift Parasyte during the early days of colonization. While some see this as an abomination, others see this as a clear sign of the holyness of the Planet.