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The Kshis are a race of cybernetic organisms common in Via Aylathiya. While originally created to be effective replacements for Human soldiers, they have since became fully independent and are widely recognized as fully sapient beings. The Kshis are the majority race in the Fusion of Crowns and one of the most numerous fully artificial race in the Universe.

The first Kshi was created in 10,812 CE in Via Aylathiya for a program lead the Neo-Terrans to create effective soldiers that had all the advantages of robots while also having Thaumical abilities. The Kshis proved greatly effective in battle, greatly cutting down on casualties while greatly increasing effectiveness. The Neo-Terran abandoned many of the Kshi as they fled to Martial Space in 16,112. Later that millennium, in 17,704, many of the Kshis began serving Beatrix, a powerful artificial intelligence that promised them freedom and a noble purpose. Those that refused fled to Martial Space just as their former masters had.


The Kshis have a similar design to the armor used by the first Human Magi within Via Aylathiya. Their heads are vaguely similar in shape to human heads, but are shaped as though they were helmets to be worn by a human. Rather than two eye-holes, however, there exists a hole "cut out" of the head which the cameras and audio sensors lie behind. Inside the head is what is known as the Auxiliary Processing Unit. It takes sensory information and converts it into neural signals that are sent along to the biological brain located in the torso.

What is best described as their "skin" is a carbon-fiber mesh allowing for a wide range of movement similar to chain-mail. They have the ability to affix specially-manufactured plates to their skin using hooks they are created with. These plates are often armor, but can also be tools or simply just temporary storage.

Their hands, by default, have 5 digits. Their digits are divided into two sections running parallel to each other from the base of the digit to the tip. The sections usually work in sync, creating the one digit. At will, a Kshi can desync the digits and operate them independently of one another. With five joints each, the ten total digits are remarkably versatile and robust. Many humans living in Via Aylathiya choose to augment themselves with these hands citing their usefulness in a myriad of hands-on tasks.

In their torsos are a myriad of devices used to keep the Kshis alive. Heating coils, hydrogen tanks, hydrogen fuel cells, glucose storage containers, and gyroscopes are the more mundane objects within the Kshi's body. Each one is artificially created and installed into newly created suits.