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''We do henceforth declare the authority and influence of the Imperial Government void. The executive, legislative and judicial affairs will be handed over to us.'' - Hualani Kanekalau

The Ku'umi Consulate (also known as Waikāune kē Ku'umi) is a self-sustainable authoritarian dictatorship located in the Anthrov Arm of the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy - consisting of a homogenous ethnic group; Ku'umi'i. With approximately 1 billion stars under its heel, centred at the extensively populated planet Maku - it has proven itself to be one of the most powerful nations in the Galaxy. The Consulate is a dictatorship, and ever since revolutionaries seized the Empire's government in February 9,190 BCE, free speech and freedom of expression have been unheard of; as local ministers sanction and penalise citizens regularly. Xenophobic in nature, it forthwith has introduced a policy that hampers the fundamental rights of alien and foreign species - which has made it an enemy of the international community.


Headed by Consul Kamalani Iwalani - the Supreme Authority (ʻĒoi Kīmai) is simply a puppet of the Consul and his nepotism - and therefore does not enable itself to enact any legislation by its own accord. Dissidents of the Government - the few that are not subject to repetitive propaganda - are routinely shunned and executed, which in effect solidifies the permanence of such a government.

Figures held with high standard are added to roles of government, and mixed with the plague of nepotism, this would sow internal discontent within the superintendence.

Political parties and factions are abolished - and the Supreme Authority's coterie is the overarching faction in Government.


Population: TBD

The ethnic makeup of the Consulate is almost wholly consisted of Ku'umi - as foreign species are usually used for slave labour, therefore are not represented in censuses. Before the Revolution, efforts were made to open borders to other species, yet after revolutionary ideas had started gaining cohesion, they never came to fruition. The Consulate has maintained a fervent policy against foreigners.


Diplomatically, the Ku'umi Consulate is at odds with the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations - and relations have soured with member nations after the Revolution. Embassies have been abolished, and borders have been closed off. Trade deals are maintained by internal companies that harvest stellar energy, and the Government has vowed to protect its own interests in the Galaxy.

As the nation is heavily loathed by the rest of the Intergalactic Community, the Consulate's relations are almost non-existent, and the semi-isolationist country has refused to engage in any sort of summit since the fall of the Empire. However, recently, the Ku'umi'i have began to open up to the Galactic World.