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The Kuruva Cluster is a very old open cluster located in the inner Aghori Arm of the Nyrin Galaxy, inside the Blossom Nebula. The cluster is one of the most important, if not the most important large-scale structures in the galaxy, being the birthplace of the People's Union of Kuruva. The Kuruva Cluster is also the oldest open cluster in the known universe, as it formed when Nyrin was still very young, 12 billion years ago.


The Kuruva Cluster is structured similarly to an average spiral galaxy, with old stars in the centre surrounding an intermediate mass black hole, and younger stars on the periphery. This strange structure is because the Kuruva Cluster is extremely old, at 12 billion years, and it still contains stars which formed at the time (i.e, Population III stars), and it was able to hold onto gas, and when Nyrin became a starburst galaxy, the supernovae triggered by neighbouring supernovae caused the gas to collapse and form new stars, a process which is still ongoing.


Formative Years (12-11 Gyr)

The cluster began its life 12 billion years ago, as a small overdensity in the swirling clouds which made up the young Nyrin. Slowly it got bigger and denser, and in the core it got so dense that a black hole formed, which weighs about 1,500 solar masses. Stars started forming all around the black hole, and that was the start of the cluster. There were not many hot blue stars, which meant that after the starburst phase of Nyrin had finished, there was still some gas available to form new stars.

Quiet Era (11-0.8 Gyr)

Nothing much happens during this time period. There is the odd new star, which would be the only new star in the galaxy..