100th Millennium Wiki

"After years of abuses from the United Alliance, taxes that asphyxiate us and mineral prices artificially low, we are tired and we won't stop until we set free the peoples of the Germinis Nebulae. Independence is what we seek" - Masked Man, message received an hour after Luxon Bombings

The L.A.G.G.A (Liberation Attack Group for Germinis Autonomy) was a terrorist group, also called Nandis (colloquially; Short for Independence and Freedom Movement in Sionese), was a terrorist organization, who fought for independence of the Germinis Nebulae from the United Alliance for about 2000 years. The group leaders were the unofficial government to which all worlds in the Germinis Nebulae pledge allegiance to. They were extremely resentful with the United Alliance for the taxes and high costs of imports and exports within the Nebulae. The Germinis nebulae was somehow isolated from most of the United Alliance territory in the Lewis Galaxy and had been given to this nation in a territorial border agreement among the Intergalactic Federation and the U.A. The latter settled the area, and soon problems arose.


The terrorist group was active for 2 millennia, in which several attacks were carried against U.A cargos, authorities and populace. It all started in 53 031 CE with the attack on the mineral Cargo ship "the Nicosia", in which a cargo valued on 300 million C-Units and its 122 tripulants on board were killed by a terrorist organization who called themselves the L.A.G.G.A marking the beginning and widespread knowledge of this group.

The most memorable attack was the bombings in Luxon, which killed around 200 000 people. At first, the rebellion and the attacks were against cargos, military, and administration or anything that represented the United Alliance Nation.

But soon, the attacks escalated quickly into what would be known as a full rebellious terrorist attack. Many bombings started to happen around U.A worlds, as well as assassination of politicians, and others who supported the military actions and represion on the Germinis Nebulae. There was a mayor AI hacking attack in the U.A carried by L.A.G.G.A who created Chaos in the nation for several days.

Finally, the rebellion was so widespread and so popular in the Germinis Nebulae, that the United Alliance ability to actually exerts control over the area was impossible. Any U.A ship that wanted to travel inside this territory was blown up. Actually, the United Alliance had lost total control and any sort of power. By the end of the 2 millenia, the military was deployed in the Germinis area. However, its remoteness and the active rebellion of the locals, as well as the newly high-tech battle androids and robots developed by the Germinis inhabitants, were hard to defeat. This culminated with minor losses of the United Alliance in the area.

Then, the U.A authorities and the L.A.G.G.A unofficial government sat for negotiations in a neutral world. Independence was finally granted and the L.A.G.G.A was officially dissolved and recognized as the official government of the newly born Lewis Nation, known as the Republic of Sion.


The L.A.G.G.A Formation was a response to not only a national identity and a unique language, known as Sionese in the Germinis Nebula Region, but of the Taxation and High Costs of Exporting and Importing goods in the area, leading to hard conditions of living for the local inhabitants of the Nebulae. Also the local values of the region based themselves on total liberty of ideas, no moral issues, machinery driven progress and vast dominance of Humans in the area.

Present Day

The L.A.G.G.A actions are a source of tensions between the United Alliance and the Republic of Sion, in which the first though of it as a terrible group, a legacy to be ashamed of, and the Second as the glorious founders of the nation, praising them, naming streets and building, and erecting statues to them. The United Alliance has formally asked the Republic of Sion several times to remove them or tell the atrocities they committed on a darker light, while the Republic has rejected such ideas and keeps on seeing them as the liberators of the nation and their founders, who fought oppression.

Mayor attacks

  • The Nicosia Cargo Attack
  • Mayor burning of Energy Producing Centers, leaving Tay without energy.
  • The Luxon Bombings
  • The Assasination of Lonis Teras (Gran General of the Military Forces)
  • The Massive Hacking Attack of the U.A
  • The Assasination of Rentus Molima (Ferver Supporter of Military agression to the Germinis Nebulae)
  • Massive Robery to Rush Mineral Industries
  • Bombing of Kreon
  • Kidnapping of U.A Burocratic Personel in the Headquarters of the Government
  • Assasination attempt to the President of the U.A, Tautis Merkomen
  • Bombing of Boreas