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Lacertians are an intelligent species in the Lowiras Galaxy. They are not widespread, with only ~1.185 trillion individuals. Their homeworld is Calyion, and the Zopoque, the dominant nation of the Lacertians, formed there. They are pragmatic and logical, and are guided by practical gains, displaying well-developed emotional control. They are reluctant to fight but not unwilling, and so their relationship with other races depends on the possible spoils of peace or war.



Lacertians have a slow metabolism. Their bodies and minds run at a slower rate than other species. As a result, they have a high natural lifespan. Their stomachs are proportionally small, with large, slow beating hearts. They have internal ears and optic nerves that do not cross.


They have 4 fingers on each hand and 5 on each foot. They have eyes that are commonly orange, blue, or black and scales that are commonly green, light blue, or pale orange. Their arms and legs are long compared to their torsos. their digitigrade feet support an often hunched posture. A gene determines whether an individual has hunched or straight posture.


Lacertians are intelligent, but they are unable to react or adapt to new situations quickly. They rely on computers to do quick surveying and even employ drones in war.


Lacertians interact with one another often, sharing solutions to each other's problems and exchanging opinions. While poor at adapting to new environments and situations, Lacertians exceed at social adaptation, and can exchange opinions without arguing, as long as the opinion is practical in nature.

Lacertians live on their own for most of their lives. They are only children for about 20 years before they can live on their own. They tend to interact with each other outside of their living areas.


Lacertians' diet on Calyion consists of grasses and flowers to fulfill their need for fiber and blubbery and furry animals as a source of protein and iron. In primitive times they would hunt by staying still until an animal wandered within their large reach, but in modern times they have domesticated animals.

Calyion does not have the environment for large amounts oil or coal to form, and so Lacertians developed clean energy. Because of this they do not cause large amounts of carbon pollution.