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The Lacquer Tulip is an uncommon species of species of tulipa (tulip) flowers found across Haven's temperate forests, plains and grasslands, with a theorized global population of around two hundred thousand individual flowers. They are most famed for the strange texture and appearance their pedals have, making them very glossy and slick to the touch. Thanks to their uncommonality, the Lacquer Tulip is often times a highly prized flower for an aspiring gardener's own flower garden, along with being often desired as a gift from one's own romantic partner. Particularly, in the culture of the Gnarvensh race, the Rozelhana, the Lacquer Tulip is seen as a symbol of deep sexual lust and yearning, often times being given as a gift to an individual the respective Rozelhana wishes to have share in their bed.


The baseline physical appearance and structure of the Lacquer Tulip flower is very similar to other species of tulip flowers that can be found across the world, however they have a few key physical features that make them stand out. The first and most notable of these has to be the world famous texture their pedals adopt, giving them a look and feel very similar to fresh lacquer being painted across the flower, as well as giving it a slight see-through appearance. How this look is accomplished is through the use of a specialized liquid chemical coated in sugar that the Lacquer Tulip secrete from its blossoming pedals as a way to attract pollinating insects, leaving the flower coated in a thick, slime-like liquid.

Along with giving the flower a unique appearance, the liquid leaking from the pedals of the Lacquer Tulip produces a very potent aroma described as smelling very akin to cleaning liquids such as dish soap, which has also been developed in order to attract the desired insects. The color produced by the pedals all universally share the same light-purplish pink hue, with the bottoms of the flower's blossom towards the flower's stem taking a more white hue.


The Lacquer Tulip due to its more uncommon nature isn't used all too often as an ornamental piece by the majority of the world's population. Instead, most who have access to this prized flower typically grow them in a personal garden as a show of status within communities of gardeners, as well as often times being sold to aspiring gardeners at a fair premium. The most notable deviation of this would be within Gnarvesh communities who will, upon procuring of the flower, present them as a show of sexual attraction to the desired individual.

The Lacquer Tulip's endemic qualities may be the cause of the species' uncommonality, thanks in part due to frequent consuming of the flower by herbivore fauna, as the flower both produces a strong aroma, and the fact that it is coated in a vast amount of sugar, many species of mammal, bird and insect will eat the flower all the way down to the stem. However as it uses its specialized chemical to attract pollinating insects, those that manage to escape being devoured by other species often thrive throughout their entire life cycle.