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"Our sweet Lady Amaranth. She who mothered the great Realm of Wonders. She who holds all within her realm in her long, loving arms. She who 's bosom birthed all of our kind. We give thanks to our sweet Lady Amaranth, our loving Mother Ambrosia, and our Matriarch of Wonder"


The Lady Amaranth is an extremely popular religion among the many species, cultures, and civilizations across the Ambrosia Galaxy, with numerous chapels of the faith spread across the multitude of planets and moons inhabited by its followers. As well, many local cultures across the endless worlds of Ambrosia have various holidays involving the Lady Amaranth faith, with exact traditions varying depending on each culture in question.

As the name suggests, the Lady Amaranth faith is an anthropomorphization of the Ambrosia Galaxy itself, transforming the amaranth-colored galaxy into an immortal goddess who created said galaxy for her creations to inhabit. These creations are the various worlds and lifeforms, both sapient or otherwise, though most versions of the faith state that sapient life is her most favorite of creations.

It has achieved its popularity due to the simplicity of the many tenants and concepts the religion employs, making it very easily understandable to many different sapient species across Ambrosia. However due to the vast amount of species that practice the faith, many different variants and sects have formed around it, with each holding their own interpretations of the Lady Amaranth.

However, amongst the many different variations of the Lady Amaranth faith, several constants are known throughout nearly all of them. First and foremost would be the patron saint of the faith; the Lady Amaranth herself. As the name of the chief deity suggests, most view the Lady Amaranth as a female figure, however their are fringe variations referring to her as "Lord Amaranth," but the feminine version of the deity is by far the more popular one. Along with gender, the overall personality and nature of the Lady Amaranth is fairly universal among the different sects as well, usually giving her a very caring and motherly nature.

This motherly nature comes from the most prevailing trait of her nature, as she is credited with the creation of all within the Ambrosia Galaxy. How she does this varies depending on whom you ask, however the most common variation usually involves her singing and dancing a concept into being, with exact melody or cavort depending on the respective thing she wishes to bring into existence.

One of the most common through lines throughout the various variations of the faith is that of the deity know as the: "Lord Entropy," who himself was the personification of death within the faith. Within the various myths in which he features, Lord Entropy endlessly courts Lady Amaranth, for she is the only thing in existence that also remains constant, along with her endlessly enchanting features and figure. In most versions, the Lady Amaranth plays along with this courtship, giving and taking in equal measure, for she too longs for companionship. However due to their very natures being at odds, one who creates life, while the other takes it away, the Lady Amaranth must keep her romantic admiration at a distance, or else lose all that she has strived to create.


Many myths are featured across the numerous interpretations of the Lady Amaranth faith, with many explaining the creation or nature of various things within Ambrosia, as many defy explanation. These can vary from the creation of a species, to the creation of a simple river on a world's surface. According to most interpretations of the faith, the Lady Amaranth takes great immaculate care towards each of her endless creations.

Myth of the Lady Amaranth's Obsidian Tears:

"Ambrosia. Lady of Wonder. In all of her glory, sang a song of pure beauty, dancing away in her amaranth veiled dress. As she sang in immaculate splendor, her beloved creations would come into existence, and she would never had felt a greater joy. "

"Every moment she would care for her creation, providing them with the great realm of wonder...however, inevitably, these children would begin to grow old, and grey, while the Lady Amaranth remained constant, forced to watch as what she mothered into being fell to the wicked curse of Lord Entropy. Mother Ambrosia tried so desperately to save her creation... even so...they became dust in her loving hands."

"Her sorrow would be all consuming, and as the amaranth tears she shed fell from her fair cheeks towards the endless worlds below, they would all but become blackened, hardened as to reflect the emptiness our sweet Mother Ambrosia felt upon the loss of each of her beloved children."