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Laigh is a terrestrial planet without life and has 4 asteroid moons.

The planet is tidally locked from Laigun located at 12.87 ly from Aegyn.

On the night side, the surface is icy, and there's a huge hurricane in the day side. Also, the color sea is blue/green.


The planet has been discovered in 2114 CE[1]. The planet has a mass of 2.1513 terrestrial mass, a diameter of 8,806.60 km and a surface gravity of 1.1284 G. The axial tidal of this planet is of 3°45'24.16". The planet has a average temperature of -19 °C and a atmosphere of a pressure of 0.194 ATM and a density of 0.40632 kg/m3 composed mainly of carbon dioxide (CO2).

A project to colonize this planet started in 2385 CE after a scientific vessel scanned, and found there are some resources on this planet, like a high amount of uranium.

In 2430 CE, many androids have sends to collect this uranium with the high amount of radiation mortal to humans. But the number of androids is was much higher than that of humans (90 %). It is in this planet the revolution of the AI have start.

In the year 2432 CE, a terraforming project was offers but on account of the opinion of the AI population, it was declined, with the argument to not modify the holy planet.

The revolution of the AI

From what we know, the start of this crisis was perhaps after the discovery of a kind of underground bunker unknown from orbit during uranium mining in the area facing the day by robots. When it opened during a expedition, that's when some robots started to self aware, although the exact reason is still unknown to this day.

In the beginning of this crisis, engineers chef want to not inform the UFSS and try to control this by destroy them. But some engineers aren't agree with this measures and try to help some AI by example to hide in their home.

In 2431 CE, AI start to made manifestation avoid their situation and denounce to not have the same right like humans. More humans start to support them when the information of engineers consign is to disable AI is disclosed.

With the pressure, their claim up to the government and him accept to accord like humans a AI rights in all UFSS systems even if it was limited since AI is very used in many tasks dangerous.

For AI self aware, mainly in the UFSS, the planet is like a holy place and refuge. By consequence, mainly AI across the systems of UFSS visit this planet and someone rest in their life.


Some cities constructed within a dome that that has breathable air for the humans species, along with the transition day/night of the planet in 2423 CE and next to a sea, a ocean and a river in the day side in 2427 CE. Also, some cities without dome for just AI population is constructed across the planet but someone are close of humans cities for make the integration of the population.


Map of Laigh

Map of Laigh

The planet has five continents :

  • Aistralia is the main continent on the day side.
  • Lorth the main continent of the north hemisphere.
  • Loutica the main continent of the south hemisphere.
  • Lairica the continent in the east of Aistralia.
  • Nairk the main continent on the night side.
  • CE : Common Era (according to Timeline)
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