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Lanoo LVII, given name Krinzz'ul L'inul, is the 57th Premier of the Lanoir Confederacy, but only the second of the house of L'inul to hold the post. Nevertheless, he had reigned over the Confederacy for 12 local years, and with the sweeping reforms now taking effect in the Confederacy, seems poised to win the next election as well. The visit by an "alien vessel" seemed to be central to this shift in policy, and seemed to convince him that not all alien races want to decimate others.

Early Life

Krinzz'ul was born in the Tundra ecoregion, in a small town that specialized in melting ice from the polar ice caps to be used for drinking water. His parents were owners of a small company that shipped this water to elsewhere on the planet, and they were making a modest living from it. So it came as a shock when Krinzz'ul said he wanted to go into politics. He surmised that if anyone could help shape the fate of the Confederacy for the better, he would be able to do it. He left home in his early 20s, determined to do just that.

Early Shapings

Early on, as a young upstart in the run for the Confederacy, he saw some issues First, space travel was extremely common, and he worried that some alien beings would only seek to destroy the Confederacy, not realizing how small it really was. This was a huge point his adversaries made, and they used that to great effect in his initial runs for the Confederacy, with his rivals constantly taking out ads calling him a "xenophobe". That tactic came to a screeching halt with the election of Lanoo LV, who was NOT a native Lanoiran. He came from somewhere in the Fringeworlds, and his tenure was awash with scandal.

This was what Krinzz'ul was waiting for, and he viciously pounced on LV in the next election, using as ammo the rumor that the current leader was communicating state secrets to someone in the Crown in exchange for vast sums of money. This finally seemed to work in his favor; unfortunately he lost the final vote by a slim margin. Still, it was not a total loss, as Lanoo LV was NOT re-elected, and the candidate who eventually became Lanoo LVI offered him to be his Vice Premier, which he accepted despite not really caring for LVI's policies.

Vice Premier

As Vice to Lanoo LVI, he began to put his policies into motion, laying the groundwork for a complete closure of the Confederacy to outsiders. While this was frowned upon all along, the crimes of Lanoo LV were since laid bare for all to see, and the public at large was beginning to warm up to the idea of isolation. When Krinzz'ul was working on his election run, he used this to its fullest, saying that Lanoo has a thriving ecosystem already, there are 91 worlds in the Confederacy itself, and all trade with the capital; one look is all it took to see that the capital of Lanoo had a thriving economy.

Lanoo LVII

When LVI's tenure was done, he began his run for the premier, which he won with over 60% of the vote with 90 planets reporting in and one abstaining. Being Vice Premier, he had all of his framework put in place for the real work - overhauling policies to reverse what his predecessors had done.

Shift In Policy

Other worlds within the Confederacy caught the pivotal broadcast at the same time, via FTL relay:

"I come to you now during a most exciting time. As you all know, my policy over the last few years to outsiders visiting our Confederacy has been, as some have put it, "cold", as my predecessors. I merely wanted to protect our fair Confederacy from outsiders who would see our destruction, as you all know was a real possibility during the tenure of Lanoo LV. I did not foresee that other beings within range of the Crown Jewel would be benevolent, until a few cycles ago. A ship arrived in the Lanoo system, one unlike anything I have ever seen before. They called themselves "Human", and were from a world not unlike your fair capital. They said that their ship, called the "Hawking", was named after an extremely important figure in their worlds' history. A figure that discovered Darkstars on their world - the humans call them "Black Holes". A figure which urged the Humans to spread out among the stars, to explore, to discover...and apparently led them to discover the Confederacy.

"We always knew there were worlds like our own for thousands of years, even within our Jewel. These Humans came from the Crown, far beyond the range of even Lanoo's most advanced ship, so they must have evolved beyond the need for war, for strife, for the need to dominate all. Henceforth, I shall be reopening the Confederacy to all visitors effective immediately. However, I am still keeping the speed limitation in place. While we have met a benevolent race, not all races are as benevolent, even in our midst. Need I remind you of the massacre which left 2 planets sterile within the Confederacy? If benevolent explorers want to visit, we welcome them with open arms. But to broadcast our existance is tantamount to suicide. This I think is what my predecessors wanted to do all along. Still...we are now open to explorers, and I could not be happier to meet another friendly race. Make no mistake however, this does NOT indicate weakness. We will be wary, we will be vigilant."

-Lanoo LVII

Reactions were mixed. Some thought that the current leader was falling back on old precedents that did not work any longer. Others just thought he wanted to try something a bit different than what LIII and LVI tried. In the end, it all worked out. Most species in the Confederacy got to meet the "Humans", and see how hospitable they were; when they left, most on the Confederacy wished that they would visit again. They knew that the Humans needed to continue on their mission of discovery however, and they did get 5 years with the humans.

Overall, what Krinzz'ul did for the Confederacy was a large step towards recognizing all species, wether good or ill.